Friday, April 29, 2016

5 On a Friday!

Since I have been on my bloggy hiatus, I wasn't sure if Five on Friday was still a thing! But I was so excited when I saw this post from Natasha that showed me it was still alive and well!


Has this felt like the longest week or two ever? Or is that just me??? I think I'm experiencing post wedding blues. For months, my life was planning this event and now I'm just kind of existing. Don't get me wrong, I have PLENTTTTTY I could be doing at work, but instead I'm here. You know those ruts we fall into sometimes. Basically I want to be spending my days soaking up the sunshine on patios with my husband instead of being trapped in my office. I need some weekend in my life!!!


I ordered myself a wand. No, not the Harry Potter kind (even though I do need one of those babies). A curling wand! I had one years ago and could never really get the hang of it, so I gave it away. I feel like I kept seeing all these bloggers and promotions on Instagram for NuMe products and they gave me an AMAZING deal so I took it. It came in last night so we'll see how well I can use it this weekend. Might be a good Mother's Day gift too for anybody in the market! (I got the Magic 25MM in pink!)

Magic Wand 25MM


We are in the midst of house hunting. I say that with both excitement and exhaustion. The housing market is not great in the town we live in. I love looking at houses with potential, but I am just not the fixer upper type. I really want to build a house! But speaking of Fixer Upper, I'm currently obsessed with Chip & Joanna. Late the bandwagon, per usual. They are so funny, so cute, and so talented! What a power couple!


So even though I'm an old married lady now, I'm still the same old me. Meaning I'm still obsessing over the Real Housewives of everywhere. I wasn't really sold on Potomac, but I am reallllllly loving Dallas! Plus Erika Jayne from Beverly Hills is my new favorite person.  She is absolutely a no nonsense person and doesn't make apologies for who she is. She was a GREAT addition to that cast.
And my RHONY girls are back. i gotta admit that I miss Heather though. And while we are talking about Bravo can I just plug Southern Charm? I swear that's probably one of my most favorite Bravo shows! I cannot get enough of it. OH THE DRAMA WITH KATHRYN & THOMAS!!!!! Something might be legit wrong with me that I am on this level with Bravo. My husband says that Andy Cohen rules my life. It's true, he does.


I know I've said "my husband" 100x in this post. You'll have to forgive me. I'm kind of obsessed with him. We are newlyweds, you know! So in honor of getting married three weeks ago, here's another wedding picture for you! We are still waiting to get them all back, and of course I'm waiting on pins and needles. I'm sure my time wasting skills will be put to excellent use when those beauties come in. It really was the best day ever!

{Photo Creds to B.Loved Images}

Well there you go! That's my two cents on a Friday! Peace out homies. And always remember Go Vols!!!


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Erin LFF said...

Welcome back!!! ;) I was totally late to the Fixer Upper bandwagon too, but just started watching it a couple weeks ago! They are adorable for sure! :) Can't wait to see ALL your wedding photos- you are stunning!

Jen @ South in the City said...

I'm super excited it's Friday too!!! This week dragggged by!!! I have never ever got into any of the RH, but so many people seem to love them. Good luck house hunting! And always, you were absolutely gorgeous on your special day!! <3

Jade Meneguel said...

hahaha i loved this post. very fun and personal. great way you wrote it! :)