Thursday, June 26, 2014

On Following Your Heart

Well I know everybody wants to know what the deal is with me and the so called future boyfriend that I mentioned about a month ago. It is with some sadness that I report back to you with news of our "breakup". He is a fantastic man. He goes to church on Sundays (he even came with me to my church), he's so good looking, we have so much in common, but I had to break it off with him. I've re-written this post probably 100x in the past week or so, because honestly there's just not an easy way to say why. And let me just be clear and say it definitely was NOT what I wanted to do.
I know this might sound crazy to some people, the reason I ended it was because he wasn't at a point of being able to be the spiritual leader in our relationship. This is a new concept to me too - considering I've never been in a relationship where we put God first. It's not easy. And men who love God on more than just a go to church on Sundays kind of way, are hard to find. (They do exist though). But this is an area where I can't settle. I've gotten so many mixed responses from people in my life who just don't understand. "Why can't you be a catalyst to help him grow closer to God?" has been a common response when I tell people this situation. And I get that, I really truly do. I love talking with people about my story and my faith and all the truly incredible ways God has worked through me and changed me. But as far as being in a serious relationship with someone, where we are looking to settle down, raise kids and navigate life together - I just know that God has a different plan for me. I know that he has someone for me who is completely ready and willing to play the role of a spiritual leader, and someone who is truly a Godly man.
That's not an easy conversation to have with someone. And honestly I felt judgey towards him. I understand the point that he's at, because I've been there. I can't do work on his heart that the Holy Spirit is only able to do. It's a difficult crossroads to be faced with a decision that I don't personally want to execute. I TOTALLY wanted to date him, but I continued to feel convicted and felt like I needed to really pray about my decision to make things official. And ladies, let me just tell you that when you REALLY get serious about praying over a relationship and asking God to show you His way - you better mean it. Over a period of about 2 weeks, I was blown away by how God answered my prayers. Pretty much daily during that time period, I was given my answer. And each day it still wasn't the answer I wanted. I was reminded about God's perfect timing for my life, about trusting in Him, about the type of man that He wants for me. There was no way for me to deny the feedback I was receiving.
It seems silly to even say it out loud. But I stand firm on the fact that my relationship with God is number one in my life. And if I am going to say I want to try to live like Jesus then I really need to be intentional about doing that. If I'm dating a guy who doesn't have the same priorities as me, and who isn't as invested in his faith as I am, then eventually it would wear on me or on our relationship. "Future boyfriend" and I discussed the future a lot in our breakup chat(s) - we had to have two of them because it was a little difficult - and it could very well be God's will to bring us back together again. But in this moment, we both recognize that things just aren't the way they need to be.
It reminded me that dating can be tough - especially when you are genuine about trying to find a life partner. I'm not looking to hook up with a guy, or date him for a couple months until somebody better comes along - I am so through with all of those things that could never begin to fulfill my heart. Being single has been a little bit of a roller coaster for me. Some days I hate it and I don't feel good enough, but some days I love the freedom. Mostly, I know that I was meant to have this season in my life. If I had gone through with marrying a man who didn't love God last year, then who knows where I would be right now. Probably not where I am. And if God wants me to be single a little bit longer - to prepare me, to help others, to share my story - then I'll gladly do it.
Lauren DeMoss @ thefulltimegirl is an awesome resource for single women who seek Jesus

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Review

Remember waaaay back when I said I needed new glasses?? Well my lazy booty finally got some. I hoped on the train because let’s face it, it’s too good of a deal to pass up! In that post I was lusting after some Warby Parker frames, and I still love them, but I found some similar ones at Firmoo, and for much cheaper. Since we all know that I don't want to pay full price for anything, that's what made up my mind for me.

If you're not familiar with Firmoo, here's their basic info. Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store, gaining over 580,000 fans on Facebook. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers with excellent quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars (80%-90% lower than that in the local stores).
These babies won me over
Honestly I was a little bit skeptical about ordering glasses online because well, I can't see what they look like on my weird shaped face. But Firmoo has a pretty cool virtual try on deal where you can upload a picture of yourself and get an idea of how each frame will fit your face type. I'm so happy with them. It feel so good to be able to see again! They have so many cute options, and since I know how the process works now I will definitely be getting another pair.
Shameless Selfie
And y'all I have to be honest, their service has been INCREDIBLE. I'm a big customer service girl. A company can win me over and make me absolutely despise them based on the way the treat their customers. Everybody I dealt with was so helpful! My glasses came from China and they were here in a little over a week. I was impressed, to say the least.
The best part is, they are offering a $30 off voucher code to the first 5 people who comment with interest on this post! And $30 goes a looooong way on their site so you better snag it. Once you comment, I will email you the details on how to get your hook up.

Friday, June 20, 2014

5 on a Friday!

I just got home from a super fun work conference this week in Lexington. That's just a hop, skip and a jump from Knoxville so it's an easy drive and it's still very Southern. We stayed at the hotel beside the Griffin Gate mansion so we had a couple events there and it was just fantastic! I also had my first Keeneland experience with a tour, but I will most definitely be going back for the races in October. (In case you didn't follow along with me on IG, you can find me @nikkib918). I ate a little too much, but eh what can you do. Next time I will definitely be planning better to meet up with my girls - Katelyn, Brooke and Jill!

I am currently obsessed with Ed Sheeran. Obsessed is an understatement, there may not even be an appropriate word for how much I love this little ginger. His new cd comes out and Monday and yeah I have a countdown for it. He will also be in Nashville the week before my birthday this year and all I want is to go see him. *My current favorite song is Don't, off Multiply*

New Blogger Alert! So my friend Jennifer just recently made a huge move from Kentucky to Los Angeles. She's started a blog to tell her story and document all her exciting Cali adventures. Check out her first post here and keep checking back to see what happens with her. She's a single girl and hopefully she will tell us some funny dating stories about boys in the south vs. boys on the west coast. She's so sweet and I know y'all will love her! (Especially all my Louisville area people because she's a U of L grad!)

I have been writing some posts!!! I have three coming up next week that I think you guys will enjoy - one about my "future boyfriend", one that goes into more detail about my upcoming mission trip to the Dominican Republic and my Firmoo review. STAY TUNED!

I'm so sleepy today, but something about a Friday gives me the hope to push through.

Happy Weekend loves!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Confession Session

Everybody who is anybody knows that on Wednesdays we offer up our confessions with Kathy.  And it's about that time. I'm not Catholic by any means, but I gotta admit that confessing feels good.
I confess...
I have the itch to get a new tattoo. I only have the one, and I've had it since I was 22. It's definitely time. And when I say I have the itch, I mean I want like 6 of them. Those suckers are addicting.
Loving and forgiving like Jesus does is hard work. Sometimes I surprise myself, but mostly I fail at it. I'm a pretty petty human like that. The awesome thing about God is, His grace is new for me He's not a grudge holder or a score keeper, he just lets me start fresh daily. Our God is an awesome God!
There are days when I wish I had a sugar daddy. (Today is one of those days.)

I'm a huge LeBron fan. Always have been. It always shocks me how many people truly hate him. If you're one of those people then read this Clay Travis article - and step away from the haterade. GO HEAT!

My iphone is dangerously close to dying. I've had it for 2.5 years and I'm still rocking the old iOS software because I never had room for the upgrade. I'm trying to watch my pennies for my mission trip in July right now, but I have been lusting after the gold 5s for a while now. I think it needs to be mine. See above comment about sugar daddy...

I still haven't gone to see Maleficent or The Fault In Our Stars...who am I????

There are days when I would rather lay around on my couch watching the Real Housewives than hangout with anybody. When in the world did I become so lazy? PS - I miss crazy Kim Zolciak!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Things First, I'm the Realest

If you are at all like me, then you are seriously loving what Iggy Azelea has to offer right now - including the Fancy song with the post title lyrics. I mean, have you seen the video with her and TI? Whoa too much hotness! I can't seem to get enough of her. And just for your information - did you know that her real first name is Amethyst? Well now you do!

I loved reading all your comments on my catch up post. That's what I miss about blogging, my sweet friends! I'm not sure that I will end up coming back to blogging full time 3-5x a week like before. I'm just not at that place in my life anymore. I've seen so many posts about "is blogging dead?" and I'm not sure if that's true, but I know lots of us are in a transition time where we aren't on a regular schedule anymore.
I did want to share with you a fundraising site that I made this past weekend for my Dominican Republic Mission Trip! I had several people ask me for ways to donate - which totally melted my heart, by the way. So if you feel so inclined - here you go: Nikki's Mission Trip. THANK YOU so much to anyone who even contemplates donating $5 to this cause. It's so special to me and I hope to continue to update you on everything - especially since it's coming up so soon.

I wanted to share a couple other good reads that I've come across lately. I've mentioned before but I LOVE reading single girl/dating posts. I life this single life and honestly it's not always easy. But I remember pleeeenty of days that weren't easy when I was part of a relationship either, so I'm sure the same goes for actually being married. Either way, it's nice to get encouragement no matter what phase you're in.

Single girl reads:
My girl Micah did this dating post, and I loved it. We all have these preconceived rules I think. I know I did/do.
In general:
Single or married girls - this is a must read. You are significant with our without a significant other. Sometimes we just need to hear that.

Until next time, my loves! XOXO