Monday, September 30, 2013

Motivational Monday

Oh Monday! I actually didn't mind waking up this morning...I'm not sure what has possessed me. 5am came early, but I sure did jump right up out of bed. This will be the 3rd week Ms. Manda and I are trying to motivate each other to do the 5am club - even though last week I only made it once, I'm still counting it. And as of tomorrow, I am back on tracking linking up with her for 30 Miles in 30 Days for October.
My weekend was pretty good - Vols won, Braves won, Chiefs won, Titans won, Lane Kiffin got fired...that's a pretty good sports weekend.
Babysitting duty with this little princess on Saturday night - we watched a lot of football, spent way too much money on earrings at Claires, went to a movie and then cuddled at home.
Family pictures yesterday afternoon  - me and my bro - blacked out

Today I want to do Motivational Monday. You all know I'm a sucker for some motivational quotes, and you can find plenty of them plastered all over my Pinterest. This is just as much for me today as for anyone, but I do have some people close to me in my life going through some struggles. So I just wanted to offer motivation to us all to keep on pushin! And we can all use a reminder on a Monday that we ARE capable!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Currently - Sept Edition

Listening - Miranda, All Kinds of Kinds. JT, TKO. Juicy J & Miley, 23. Luke Bryan, Beer in the Headlights. JT & Jay-Z, Holy Grail. Wale, Chain Music. RKelly & 2Chainz, My Story. Chris Young, Aw Naw.
Eating - I've been on a Subway kick lately. And Whatchamacallits - we now have those in the vending machine at work and I have eaten more than my fair share.
Drinking - zero water, ugh why is it such a struggle for me? Lots of iced coffee and diet mt dew, and duh there's always beer in my life.

Wearing - yoga pants for days, I can't stop myself. Also, I am in love with these pocket boyfriend tee's from Target. I have at least 10, don't judge me. $9 bucks! I have definitely gotten lazy with my style since I've been single - that's probably not the best game plan.
Reading - NEED SUGGESTIONS! I'm going to re-read Catching Fire before the movie comes out, but that's all I have lined up. I'm in a reading slump, aside from my daily devotions.
Feeling - Ready to see my little VOL fan Alexa (& of course Glenn CoCo) in 2 weeks for the TN vs. GA game! Excited The Voice is back -- heeeeey Adam!! A little anxious/stressed about a very BUSY October, but also excited to see lots of friends! Ready to kick some ass at our kickball game on Thursday night! Excited for Fall TV shows!

Weather - Today is rainy, but lately it's been absolutely perfect pre-fall weather! Sunny and high 70's. Gimme more! My family is doing pictures this Sunday for my mom's birthday so let's hope the weather sticks around.

Wanting - GOLD IPHONE, GOLD IPHONE, GOLD IPHONE obsessed with lusting over this baby! Shorter work days. To wake up and be model skinny. Taylor Kinney to marry me - I don't care that he dated Lady Gaga, he's HOT!
Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire
Thinking - all the technology around me is failing- my laptop's wifi isn't working, my Bluetooth on my phone is messed up, autocorrect hates my guts and I haven't done the iOS7 update yet. White girl in crisis!
Enjoying - New people in my life - boys & girls. New small group at church means new girlfriends. And well I told you about the country boy from the first date last Friday? I'm definitely enjoying him! (not like that dirty girls!) We had a pretty great date, and all the girls at my work were impressed when he came by and left me a love note on my desk, and they gave the approval of his hotness as well. (His company does business with my company so he wasn't just stalking me and coming by, it was actually a very sweet gesture!) Plus, I always think a boy's handwriting is just the cutest!

Friday, September 20, 2013

5 on a Friday

Party people! It's FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY! Let's link up with these lovely ladies and do the damn thing.
1. Thank you all so so so so much from the bottom of my little black heart for all the birthday love!!! I was a nervous wreck going into this birthday since it was literally my first one being single in 11 years. I wouldn't say it was the most exciting one since I had to keep it kinda low key on a Wednesday night, but my expectations were definitely exceeded by ALL the kind words, birthday wishes, texts, emails, presents and flowers. I can't breathe because my office has so many flowers in it. Y'ALL ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU!
2. JT's new single - y'all heart it yet? TKO - I love it!

3. I have a first date tonight! EEEEK! He is a super cute, tall, country boy - sounds right up my alley, right? Wish me luck and I'll update you next week!
4. The season of candy corns is back upon us....ugh! I must channel all my willpower and not let these little devils cancel out my 5am workouts!

5. Tilly shot - you haven't had a Tilly shot in a while so here you go! My sweet baby eating her pumpkin treat from Manda.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday Love

Since it's my birthday and I run this show I am spreading some wisdom today. This year has been a year of great change and growth for me. It completely blows my mind to think how different my world was one short year ago. But ya live, ya learn and ya move on from things that hold you back in life. I hate getting older. I've always struggled with it. 29 scares the hell out of me! But at the same time, I know this will be a year of great change too, in a positive way! And I am ready to make things happen!
My new lock screen says it all
20 birthday wishes + 9 life lessons = 29th birthday

20 Birthday wishes:
1. Luke Bryan - you know I HAD to!
2. gold iPhone 5s
3. fall in love
4. meet Kasey Kahne
5. travel somewhere new
6. stop lying about my age - YEAH RIGHT...
7. run the hell outta that half marathon in March
8. a winning season for the Vols - a girl can dream!!
9. blogger meet up this year in Nashville
10. more craft nights with my girls
11. find a skincare routine to prevent wrinkles since I'm old...or get botox
12. give back more
13. tithe regularly
14. treat myself regularly - massages, facials, pedis - I deserve it!
15. spend more time with my grandparents & cousins
16. more hugs
17. maintain the 5am club
18. visit a vineyard
19. go to an NFL game (can you believe I've never been)
20. tell every single one of you how much I love you as much as I possibly can
9 Life Lessons:
1. If God brings you TO it, then he bring you THROUGH it. I promise, I have been through PLENTY of bad things in my life and every time, with HIM I’ve landed on my feet at the end of the day. Psalm 18:2 “The lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.”
2. Don’t be a fair weather fan. Pick your team, run with them always. Coming from a Vols fan, I feel like I have mucho experience in this area.
3. Hand written thank you notes will get you far with people.
4. Always pick the boy who makes you belly laugh.
5. Cute panties can change your mood, always invest in cute underwear.
6. Love with your whole heart. I’m probably not the best person to give that advice, but it’s true. There is nothing better than loving someone so completely and getting that same love in return. It’s scary, but worth the risk.
7. Work to live, not live to work. This is my daddy’s advice really. I love my job! I am very blessed with it, and I get paid well to do what I do. However, family and home must always come first.
8. Learn to drive a stick. It will pay off
9. At any given time keep these in your purse/desk/car: compact, mascara, lip gloss, tampon, ponytail, floss – you never know when you’ll need those items. Oh and an airplane bottle of JackD – kidding…. Sort of…..

Got my free Birthday Starbucks so I'm ready to rock today!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting My Groove Back

How many times have you heard me say "I'm sick of being chubby" "I'm getting back on the work out train" "I'm going to meet my goals"?? Probably 10 million. That's also the number of times I have failed to follow through and stay on track.
The struggle is REAL y'all. I was not born with a naturally thin body. I've never had skinny legs, which I have talked about before, and it really bothers me. I had lost some weight back in 2011, and was pretty much at my ideal size and happy. Then my breakup happened. I lost a ton of weight initially and I was skinny! But then it came back (and then some) after maaaaaany months of late nights of drinking away my feelings. And now my body feels like a stranger to me. It's not cute, it doesn't make me happy and it's embarrassing - but I have no one to blame but myself and I take that responsibility.
But this morning, I was in the gym by 5:15am LIKE A BOSS! My girl Manda always helps keep me motivated & we checked on each other this morning to make sure we followed through. In the back of my head I just kept thinking about Jordan & Nikki and wanting them to be proud of me for trying to get back in the 5am club, for real this time. And it feels damn good!! I think I'm back on track finally, and I need this to stick. I'm ready to be proud of myself again!
I know it can be annoying when someone talks all the time about their workouts, but I need the accountability. So when you see my post, my IG pic, or tweet - give me an atta girl instead of rolling your eyes. And I will do the same for you! There is absolute strength in supporting each other.
This morning
My simple goals:
1. Look good naked - I'm single, it's important. For me, not him.
2. Keep up with the 5am club
3. Be happy with my progress
4. Make 4 miles my short run

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Sami's Shenanigans
There were LOTS of shenanigans to speak of this weekend! I don't even want to talk about the Tennessee game because it was just U-G-L-Y!! My best girls surprised me Saturday night with a pre-bday dinner and drinks! They are just the sweetest! I have so many people in my life right now who just love to spoil me and make me feel loved when I need it most. It's such a blessing! Then I went to my brother's bonfire Saturday night, absolutely PERFECT weather for a bonfire. Yesterday called for church & lunch, then a niccccce nap. I have every intention of going out to run in the perfect weather, but football wouldn't allow it. It was a pretty perfect weekend!
Breaking out the seat heaters for the first time this year - even though it was still 64, my booty was cold in shorts Sat AM
my sweet Aunt and I watching the TN vs. Oregon game
cupcake tower made by my friend Meghan for my surprise dinner! YUMMY!

All my babies and our mustaches!

Pre-birthday girl

Special outside service at World's Fair Park for the 200th service for my church - PERFECT weather to Praise Jesus outside

Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on a Friday

My week just fleeewww completely by! Maybe that's because all of our bosses at work were at a conference so we could relax a little, or maybe because I feel like I haven't had a night to unwind at home. Either way - Friday is here! And it's Friday the 13th! I've been so emotional this week so I am going to share 5 POSITIVE things today!

1. 93 days until JT in Louisville with Manda!!!! I mean seriously, this guy? He just does it for me!! And I can't wait to FINALLY get to hang out with my girl for a long weekend!

2. Indie Chicks - do you know about The Indie Chicks?? Because if you don't then you are missing out! Get your butt over there RIGHT NOW and subscribe to their emails. They are AMAZING! If you are an independent, bad ass, fun lovin' woman then you need to be reading their stuff! Every single week I find myself saying YESSSS!
3. I've had some interesting things going on in my life behind the scenes the past week or so. I don't really want to get too much into it, but one thing I know is that when things feel crazy I always rely on prayer. I posted this on IG yesterday. There is always something to be thankful for. Lately, instead of just saying my prayers, I've been having conversations with God. I make prayer lists and lists of things I am thankful for and I sit down and go over them. It's very therapeutic!

4. More early birthday gifts! You know what I always say - Nothing says Happy Birthday like Coach! Straight from my wishlist! Thanks to my very special friend Erin who I can always count on for support and drunken bathroom calls!

5. Fall weather is a'comin! I will definitely take 77 and sunny this weekend! Too bad my boys in orange aren't playing at home!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Songs that Define Me Linky & Giveaway WINNER!

Business first, party second. I have the lucky giveaway winner from my STS giveaway to announce today!! Thank you to everyone who entered! Drumroll please.....
woot woot!! Congrats Erin!!!
Helene in Between

Linking up with the music lovin' Helene for this awesome idea today! Our lovely hostess pretty much said anything goes for this linkup - just have to throw out some songs that define you, whether it's in the past or currently. I'm going to make a little list for you because I'm just a list kinda girl. I am such a music person - I have SO many songs that define different times in my life. Boyfriend songs, best friend songs, songs that get me crunk, songs that bring tears. It was hard to choose just four!
Journey - Midnight Train - This is my ultimate theme song in life. I have always loved this song, I'm a huge Journey fan. But the moment when I was a teenager and they played this on Laguna Beach when LC & Stephen were on their date in the car - I know y'all remember that shit too! - just solidified it for me. I have this song on every playlist on my iTunes, I snowboard to it, wakeboard to it and workout to it. Anybody who knows me well will tell you THIS IS MY JAM! I will probably have it played at my funeral.
Alabama - Dixieland Delight - This is my go to karaoke song! I get so crunk when I hear it, and not just because it says "on a Tennessee Saturday night" It's one of my all time favs! It reminds me of some of the best nights of my life.

Three 6 Mafia - Late Night Tip - My high school theme song. You can pretty much sum up my entire high school experience with this song. We wore this thing out back in the day. Reminds me of Friday nights after football & basketball games, parties, my first serious boyfriend, cheerleading trips, senior trip - we always played this song!

Carrie Underwood - How Great Thou Art - I realize that placing this one under Three 6 Mafia must be some sort of sin... but bear with me. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church, singing traditional hymns every Sunday. This is my aunt's fav hymn and I love the way she sang it, so it became one of my favs. Carrie has the voice of an angel so naturally her version of this song gives me chills. Reminds me of my childhood, my aunt (who is basically like my mama), and I can always listen to this song and feel better during times of struggle.
How's that for an eclectic mix of music? A little rock, a little country, Memphis rap and gotta throw in some Jesus praisin' music! Very fitting for a girl like myself!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

September is hands down my favorite month of the I've mentioned a time or two already. We get football, the beginning of fall weather, boots, my birthday, Labor Day - it's just the best in my book.
However, September also now brings a somber memory of that fateful day on 9/11 twelve years ago. It's ironic because when I first started my blog back in 2011, one of my very first posts was about the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I am such a huge baby about this day, so don't mind me when I'm over here crying all day. I love WAY too many firemen & policemen in my life so this really hits home.
We all remember where we were when we heard the godawful news, and how it made us feel. We remember the people on TV amidst the chaos - their faces tear stained, ash covered and their lives forever changed. We remember the fear of uncertainty about what might come next. We remember the heroes. We remember the fallen ones - the ones that lost their lives just by showing up to work, or sacrificed their own life to try and save another. We will never forget.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend via Instagram

Sami's Shenanigans

Keepin it short & sweet today! Here's a quick glimpse at my weekend via Instagram {You can find me @nikkib918}. My weekend was crazy busy, I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off running around the whole time. So no naps and no rest, but I was blessed with a fun one! Friday night at my friend's dirty thirty party was an absolute blast and the free beer didn't hurt! This idiot had the bright idea to make a hair appointment at 9am the following morning so I was struggling a little bit. But I have fresh hair and y'all know nothing beats that feeling. It's BLONDE too! I kept having to do double takes in the mirror Sat night because it was catching me off guard. Survived the bachelorette party Saturday night, and no midgets were harmed or molested. And survived my first kickball practice Sunday in the sweltering heat. Seriously, I thought it was getting close to fall temps?? 
Absolutely obsessed with this. DELISH!
Early orange & white birthday package from my soul sista Manda. She is the sweetest!


Another surprise early birthday gift from my beautiful friend Erin! I cannot wait to carry this baby!
PS - HAVE YOU ENTERED MY GIVEAWAY YET?? Better hurry - ends Thursday!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Friday

Fridays at my work = casual Fridays. It's such a blessing! This morning I was struggling to get out of bed and it was nice to just throw on a UT jersey and jeans. I'm gonna keep it short and sweet today since I am about to get pulled into a horrendous meeting where I will probably try to fall asleep several times.
My weekend is jam packed! Tonight one of my guy friends is having his Dirty Thirty birthday party. Free beer! Then tomorrow the Vols play at 12:21pm vs. WKU - which hopefully will not disappoint because WKU beat UK last weekend... #fail. PS - I hate those random 12:21 kickoff times! Then I have a bachelorette party Saturday night, which should be interesting. The last time I went to a bachelorette party one of the girls hooked up with a midget...I wish I was kidding! Sunday AM is for church and then my kickball team is having practice that afternoon. Yep, you heard me right I'm playing kickball this fall. I haven't played kick ball since 4th grade probably so this should be a good time! The best part? My team name: Alcoballics! We had our league kickoff party last night and watched the Broncos vs. Ravens game. It was so much fun!!
Did you see my giveaway yesterday??? Go enter!!!
You only have until next Thursday!
Happy Weekend my loves!!