Friday, December 28, 2012

Gearing Up for 2013

Happy Friday! Better yet it's the last Friday in 2012! I certainly have mixed emotions about closing out this year in my life. I've had ultimate highs and my absolute lowest lows. I am 100% looking forward to a FRESH start in my life for 2013!
Here are some things I have to look forward to in January & February 2013:
Seeing Luke Bryan is going to make my life complete! I just know it! Plus, nothing cures the blues like a girl's weekend so I can't wait to meet up with Kim & Cassie in Nashville in just two short weeks. We will be kicking off the new year right!
I don't know what 2013 will hold for me, but I know I will make it a great year! And I know it will involved a lot of this -

With some Moscato, my sweet Tilly and my girlfriends I know that I can kick 2013's ass!
There will still be days that are hard and I cry and I miss my old life. I know this. But those will not be the majority of my days. I'm gonna enjoy my girl's nights, flirt with boys, waste my time watching Real Housewives, cuddle my little furbaby, and spoil myself.
Here's to simply fabulous 2013 for us all! Cheers my loves!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mandatory Christmas Recap Post

Since I skipped this yesterday, here is my mandatory Christmas recap post for you. Via Instagram, of course! You can find me on Instagram here {nikkib918}.
Christmas Eve was wonderful! I spent my day shopping around town getting last minute gifts - Target, Marshall's... the Liquor Store... and didn't really have to suffer through crowds. I love shopping for others. Santa was on a budget this year though so that tends to put a damper on things. Family time on Christmas Eve was helped. Christmas Day kinda got the best of me, but in my defense I had major PMS and the timing was just awful with my first single girl holiday.
Even though I was a little down, I still know that I have many blessings to be thankful for this holiday season. I am thankful for my family, my mom's good spirits despite her health concerns, for good food because I sure did eat enough of it. {Hello 5 lbs back on my hips!} But honestly, I'm glad it's over. I'm very much looking forward to moving on into the new year!

Thankful for BFFs this year!

The only boy who will ever fully have my heart, my bro!

Tilly's Christmas PJs

My darlin little cousin


Books I got from my Gran Gran - self help at it's finest and I can't wait to dig in!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I don't know about y'all but I need a little break from Christmas. I will do my Christmas re-cap tomorrow. Yesterday was a tough pill for me to swallow, I just need to avoid it for a little bit. I'm back at work today and I need some motivation just for life in general so I'm here to bring you OHP Motiviational Quotes. Let's do it! {You can find me on Pinterest here}

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This one is especially comforting to me right now!
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Hope you all have a blessed & Merry Christmas and I promise to tell you all about mine tomorrow!


Friday, December 21, 2012


I borrowed this idea from sweet Tracy over at Honey & Nutmeg.

Currently I'm glad the world hasn't ended (yet???) while I'm still at work! Come on 5 o'clock because this girl needs to go with a drank in her hand! Usher on got it, you got it bad.

Eating...nothing..shocking I know! We are making cookies at work though so have no fear my cheeks will soon be stuffed.

Drinking...Unsweet Tea.

Wearing...My favorite jeans - thank you casual Friday - and a work logoed hoodie with Uggs.

Feeling...Excited for girl's night tonight, behind on Christmas gift wrapping, cold in my office, a little sore from my long run Wednesday night.

Weather...36 degrees and teeny tiny snow flurries. It's supposed to be 55 again by Christmas. Gotta love East TN weather!

Wanting...a give a big hug to all my blog friends for their constant support and love, a seat heater for my office chair, to paint my nails while at work, a boob job.

Thinking...about why in the hell I scheduled an appointment for my car at 8am tomorrow morning after a girl's night? duh! I love my boss for letting me run home this morning because I knew I left my flat iron on. And I did. Also, worrying about money is new thing I obsess over. Have I mentioned I HATE being on a budget??

Enjoying...My Luke Bryan countdown, my Nashville trip countdown, my girlfriends, Christmas spirit


Thursday, December 20, 2012

7 Cardinal Rules in Life

We all have come to a crossroads in our lives before. You graduate college, get fired from your job, move away from home, break off an engagement, death of a loved one - all of these pivotal moments in our lives can cause us to doubt ourselves and question our paths. For the past 6 weeks I have been very much trying to shield myself from this ugly place of insecurity.
I found this little gem on Pinterest and even though it's simple, the words could not be more true. I printed this and put it up on my fridge at home. Sometimes we all need these reminders. If you're like me, then you need them daily. So for those of you us out there today who are going through any type of situation in our lives and need a little encouragement, here you are. I truly believe with all my heart that these are the keys to a happier life.
Fake it Until You Make It lovelies!
Source: Pinterest: Kayla Jarrett via

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Wednesday

This is my first ever Random Wednesday link up with the gorgeous Ms. Shanna! I am full of random goodies today so it only seemed appropriate.
1. I am gaining weight by the minute. The next picture I post you can laugh at me when I look as big as an effing house.
This happened yesterday at about 3pm. Then I proceeded to eat some Japanese food for dinner until my belly swelled up like a watermelon. And this morning at work we had our annual Ham Breakfast. Nom. Nom. Nom all the way home. I can't wait to get home and put on yoga pants. Thank God for yoga pants.

2. I have the absolute very best blog friends in the world. They just don't get any sweeter. Look at all these gems I got in the mail yesterday! My girl Courtney sent me the most beautiful side cross necklace and I can't wait to wear it, plus that Christmasy coffee mug AND treats for Tilly. She's the best! Plus, I've been getting some gorgeous Christmas cards. I'm off my game this year and didn't send Christmas cards. I will make it up to you PROMISE!

3. This will be me...when I'm finished with my binge.

4. My new fav e-card. People be alllll up in my biznass lately post-breakup. My business is just that, mine. Thank you, boo & bye.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Update

Let's link up with Ms. Sami for Weekend Update - love the new button girl! Well here I am alive and well after I survived the impending doom of the weekend. Thank you all SO MUCH for your sweet well wishes and thoughts & prayers during this emotional and difficult time for me. Knowing that you're even giving me a thought makes me feel so blessed. Then to get your emails and texts sending me love just fills my heart with happiness. I love you all!!
The weekend was actually decent. I kept myself busy on Saturday and then let myself have a little wallowing time yesterday, but I needed to get it out of my system. I watched Sex & the City so I could cry when Carrie got stood up by Big on their wedding day, then I laughed my ass off when Charlotte shits her pants. I have spent the last couple weeks going out every Friday & Saturday night so yesterday I was very much the opposite of productive and just tried to enjoy being lazy.
You can find me on Instagram here {nikkib918}.
Girls Night Out on Saturday - we went to see a swing/blues band downtown

I ran into my gorgeous cousin in the bathroom - Cutest bar bathroom ever? I think so!

Bestie. I wouldn't be sane and functioning without this one.

Courtesy of my Influenster Cosmo VoxBox. Bath & Body Works - Forever Red. Who else got this and loved it?? It smells so warm, I love it!

Bottoms Up. Yesterday I used a little chocolate to drown my sorrows. I like to alternate with chocolate & alcohol. Yes I ate the whole damn thing. Don't you dare judge me!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Letters


Praise the Lord it's Friday!
Dear December 15th - I am dreading you tomorrow with every ounce of my soul. Tomorrow would have been mine & Skye's 8 year anniversary. We don't talk...I'm doing better, but of course it still sucks. I'm sure I will have a little meltdown tomorrow. Send me hugs! Dear Christmas Party tonight - I'm going to use your open bar to help me cope with my dread of tomorrow. Let's hope I don't make a fool of myself since I'm going with my friend as his "date". I would hate to embarrass him! Dear Paycheck - I would really like you to magically duplicate yourself in my bank account right about now. Christmas is killing me! Dear iPhone - would it kill you to hold a charge? I mean come on! Dear Christmas snacks all around me - stop it! Just stop it!
Happy Weekend my loves!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy 12/12/12 lovelies! Isn't it so cool that this is the last time we will have a date like this come up? Not cool? Maybe I'm just a big nerd? Yeah, that's probably it! I think we are all still alive and kicking, at least until 12/21/12...
I have been a Pinterest fool lately, so I do apologize for overwhelming your feed with all my junk. You can find me here if you like to see all the wild and crazy things I pin...or just the cute nails, hilarious e-cards and pictures of cute boys.
I need to make some of these!
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LOVE this look!
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This bitch loves some wine!
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More than appropriate for my life right meow
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This pup might have a reason, but I promise you my Tilly does not
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I think I could live in these...
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You know how we do around here...I like to end my OHP link ups with a good lookin' man...I'm giving you a break from Luke Bryan this week (why you would need one is beyond me) but here's my other favorite sexy man Adam!
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