Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Wednesday

I'M ALIVE! Praise the good Lord because I know you sweets have been worried about me. Today is going to be filled with randomness, which I know is basically the status quo around these parts. Come link up with my favorite Shanna and get your random on!
THIS just happened. Totally guilty.
Random facts for today:
1. This morning I went a wee bit crazy buying Braves shirts on clearance. BUT THEY WERE ON SALE, I HAD TO!
2. My week has been consumed with work projects and planning a big 50th surprise birthday party for my sweet daddy this weekend.
3. I made a kick ass new running playlist last night! I am going to test out tonight and try my damnedest to run 5 miles. It's been a HOT minute since I ran 5 miles so, wish me luck! I'll share the playlist with you tomorrow!
4. There is an ant crawling across my computer screen as we speak...
5. I am one happy girl these days...a sweet surprise in the form of these Ray Bans I have been lusting over may or may not have a lot to do with why I'm so happy.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fun!

I am quite sure it's impossible for me to be in a bad mood on Fridays. I realize that it's still a work day, but I have a set routine for the most part at work on Fridays, and it's a cake day. It's a little bit easier to get up when my alarm goes off at 6:15am knowing that I have a weekend in sight. Work your magic Friday, I ain't mad at ya!
Let's review the bad things from this week: My Braves lost TWICE to the freaking Mets...didn't even know that was possible, but yep it happened. Tim Hudson caught a nasty little injury the other night during the game (the one we actually won) and that video kept popping up alllllll over Twitter. I couldn't handle it!
Which brings me to, I have a confession. I'm obsessed with Twitter. If you are too, then find me here and we can tweet away together. Warning: I will probably blow up your feed though during The Voice, awards shows, country songs and other random moments. Twitter is my shit, Facebook is practically dead to me.
Something monumental happened yesterday - I skipped Thirsty Thursday to go workout. It was a Christmas in July miracle. I have been on my shit this week with working out and eating healthy and I know I will be having a few drinks on Saturday so like the responsible adult that I have suddenly become am I chose to go workout last night instead of getting happy. I even impressed myself with that move!
And to close this completely random post, I bring you Whitney and my #backthatazzup Friday selection - I am almost ashamed to say I love this song.... but then again there ain't no shame in my game.
Come & Get It by Selena Gomez on Grooveshark


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Inspires Me

Helene in Between

HOLA Hump Day Senoritas! Seriously the joy that hump day brings never gets old. Plus I just like saying hump day... Today I'm linking up with the fabulous Helene & the amazing Vol fan Ms. Sarah for What Inspires You!
My blog is a hodge podge blog. I guess technically, a "lifestyle blog", but I keep it real around here. No fashion posts...lots of Luke Bryan pictures, lots of sass mouth, Tilly pics, you know my style. My inspiration is ever changing, but here are some things that are currently inspiring me.
I blog about my faith and how that has helped me immensely in overcoming the struggles in my life. It's important to me, it fulfills me, and it keeps me hopeful.

Music is a huge source of inspiration for me. I am a big believer in the power of a song to take you right back into a memory. Like how every time I hear Rocky Top it takes me right to Neyland Stadium. Songs have healing power. I have a playlist that has helped me power through my breakup blues. You can get lost in the words, the meaning, the memory or just the carefree fun of a song.
These are some of my favorites this summer, that I know will always take me back to days on the lake with my brother and good friends.
Chillin It by Cole Swindell on Grooveshark It Goes Like This by Thomas Rhett on Grooveshark Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke on Grooveshark
I am obsessed with celebrities. I stalk them on Twitter & Instagram, watch E! News on my lunch break. I always want more celebrity news. Plus, it gives me blog fuel. Who looked good wearing what, who's hot, who makes me laugh. For instance, just watched this hot little number in Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend. Loved him, loved J-Law's character, loved the storyline.

I feel like I go on and on talk often about exercising/eating healthy/falling on & off the wagon/losing weight...etc. I think it's something most of us have experienced at some point. But let's be honest, I'm a single girl and something has clicked with me very recently that said "do you really want to look like this naked?" The answer is NO!! My current motivation is looking good naked.
Other Bloggers are a never ending fountain of inspiration. I have seriously made some best friends through blogging. Girls who connect with you on different levels of your life- the Southern gals, the ones who drink like I do, ex-engaged girls, gym bosses, fur mamas. It's so easy to form these connections with other bloggers. It's nothing short of amazing and you can always find someone when you need support and a muse. These relationships are life changing.
Here's my bloggy BFF's Cassie & Kim in Nashville back in January. I will be traveling to St. Louis to see them again in about 2 short weeks!! I cannot wait!
So come link up with these ladies and tell us what inspires your blog!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 is NOT the new 20

Everybody and their mama knows I'm on this quest to better myself after going through a rough patch this year. Saw this video yesterday on Facebook, watched it and loved it. Saw it again yesterday pop up on Twitter, watched it again, RTed it. Watched it for the third time last night at home and really let all this information sink in with me. I'm a couple years away from 30 and that is scary as hell. I know it's a 14 minute video, but watch it. It's worth your time!
Meg Jay - TED talk

What did you think?? And more importantly, who's ready to move away with me??


Monday, July 22, 2013

Motivational Monday

Motivation is something that I have been completely lacking all areas really. My focus on "fixing myself" keeps getting blurred or pushed to the side. It keeps me up at night, this urge to fix myself. I dream up who I want to be, but then never take the action steps. When it comes to internal problems, I am very much an avoider. External problems - meaning involving others - I like to deal with head on, but when it's an internal struggle I have a much more difficult time being real with myself. If that makes sense...
Anyhow - TODAY is my day to start fresh. When you get to the point that you sick of your own bullshit, you know it's time. It's time to get my life back, my sanity back, my hot body back. It's just time. Today is the day to be thankful. Thankful for lessons learned, true friendships, the opportunity to rebuild and support that comes from the most unexpected of places! No more excuses. No more putting it off. I deserve this moment to focus on myself.
What are you thankful for today??

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This is Cause for Celebration - SEXY MAN ALERT!

Happy Hump Day Errybody! I don't know what has gotten into my attitude this week, but it sucks. I am downright bitchy. BUT if there is one thing on this Earth that can make me smile on a bad's Luke Bryan!
Today is my future baby daddy's 37th Birthday! And DAMN he makes 37 look good! So in honor of his special day I thought we could all take a moment out of our day to celebrate his hotness. It's only fair!
Me & Kimmy in Nashville lovin' on our man!

Kim & Cass - I think we should make these when I come visit in August!

Also, can we discuss the sad news that my other love got engaged? I hate to be all negative Nikki around here, but there is still hope. I am living proof that engaged does not always mean married! HA!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shenannies - or Lack There Of...

Sami's Shenanigans

oh hey Monday, it's you again... I usually don't dread Mondays so much, but I just REALLY do not feel like being at work today. I can sum up my weekend pretty quick for you... Hangover City! Whew, apparently I had a little bit too much fun Friday night at Chris Tucker and I was down for the count Saturday. Literally all day just worthless. Is this where I say "I'm too old for this??"  I couldn't even rally and make it out for girl's night Saturday. Sunday, I actually drug myself to the gym before church but then was pretty lazy after. It's the weather, I swear. SO SICK OF THE RAIN!!!
me and my pals and OH, HEEEEY CHRIS TUCKER! Worst pic of me ever BTW....

Everybody likes a picture of freshly clean Tilly right?!?

Watched the Nine for IX documentary about Pat Summitt for the 3rd time yesterday....cried like a baby AGAIN. I feel thankful to have grown up in Knoxville during Pat Summitt's era. I'm blessed to have met her a couple times and she is one truly amazing woman.

Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Friday, You Ain't Got No Job...

It's Friday and I'm feeling frisky! Did you know that Friday is the sexiest day of the week? True Story! Google that shit. I apologize in advance for all the horrid language in this post... I told you I am feeling frisky!

Tonight me and 19 of my pals are going to see Chris Tucker do stand up. I am SO excited!  Why is he doing a show at a comedy club in Knoxville? I think the IRS is after his ass and he doesn't want to go to jail. Whatev, I don't need the details. I just wanna get my drank on and laugh.

I'm also doing girl's night Saturday night, so just go ahead and prepared yourselves to be bombarded with Instagram pictures of semi-drunk nights. It's okay, we all do it right??? I also need to majorly clean my house since Manda is coming to Knoxville to stay with me next weekend, but let's be real it probably won't happen. Sorry girl!

Also, this little gem was in my head this morning on my way to work. Talk about a throwback! Linking up with Whitty for #backthatazzup Friday.
Get Your Roll On by 504 Boys on Grooveshark

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekend Update ....on a Thursday...

So my week has been weird...not really bad, but weird. I can't explain it. My brain has been in a fog. I am feeling semi-emotional - see yesterday's post. (Thank you to everyone for your sweet and uplifting comments yesterday! THIS IS WHY I BLOG! And as someone put it to me, there's a big difference between being alone and feeling lonely. I am not alone because I have ALL OF YOU! XOXOXO!!!) I am definitely lacking motivation this week and all I've wanted to do is sleep. But in my haze I totally forgot to brag about my amazzzzzzing weekend! I checked something off my bucket list!
I WENT SKYDIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so crazy! The strange thing is I wasn't scared at all. I know that sounds like complete bullshit, but it's true.  I was with one of my best friends and her husband, so I'm sure that helped to ease our nerves. We all got to ride up in the plane together too. We kept waiting for an insane amount of fear to kick it and it never did. Sure, I had an "OH SHIT" moment when they opened the plane door and we were up 13,000 ft. in the air, but never did I feel like I couldn't do it. SUCH A RUSH! It was a tandem jump and my guy even let me steer the parachute into our landing...sketchy!

WE SURVIVED celebration drinks!
I also did Spirited Art with my work girls over the weekend and this beautiful peacock is now hanging in my office

And in case you haven't seen it on Instagram, Tilly is now Naked Tilly!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real Talk: Sometimes Single Sucks

Raise your hand if you are sick of hearing me be miserable after my breakup! (You can't see me but I have both hands raised HIGH!) These days life feels much more normal for me. I would choose to call it content vs. happy with how things have played out. I've made peace with my situation and now I just try to enjoy my freedom and have faith. My friends and family have been an incredible support during this time and it's true what they say that you really do learn who is there for you when you go through something like this in your life.
Some days I still miss Skye. There I said it. And it's true. We can't go back in time and fix what was broken, and I don't think either of us would even want to at this point. I've changed as a person and he has changed tremendously. I look at pictures of him now and I feel like I don't even know this person. The person that I spent 8 years of my life with feels like a ghost. So strange how time can reveal things and make things "right". I have obviously come a LONG way since November, but these things apparently take lots of time to completely heal. Breakups are hard. They break you. Life goes on, for both of you. You grow into a new person, a stronger one. You learn lots of lessons. Then one day, you move on and it seems like the whole thing never happened.
Point of this whole post is that yes sometimes I miss him, but mostly these days I just miss certain things about being in a relationship. I went from living with someone for 6 years to being alone everyday. I get lonely (I know that sounds pathetic, but it's true). I miss having a constant companion to run around with, someone to share lame stories about my day with, someone to spoil me in the everyday little ways, someone who knows me so completely, someone to be silly with and someone to crawl into bed with and say I love you to every night. So who is ready to move in with me?!?!?!
And if we are being extremely honest (and completely shallow) I miss my damn ring! Every time I see a picture of it, I almost tear up! I was so in love with that ring. I often curse the day I gave it back.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Curing #NOtivation - Fitness Survey

Mal had this great idea to participate in this fabulous fitness survey from Peanut Butter Fingers. Talk about curing NOtiviation! I should be ashamed of myself with these answers! I am definitely not the poster child for a healthy lifestyle these days, but that's what this is all about right? Helping each other, even in the valleys. Hallie, Mal, and I would love for you to answer the questions, post them this week, and link up with us to help cure NOtivation (a lack of motivation). It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or already a fitness freak, these questions help you reflect on your current lifestyle and inspire others to make healthy choices!

1. What did you eat for breakfast? Peanut Butter & Choc Chip Granola Bar
2. How much water do you drink a day? I try for at least 72 oz, but I've been getting MUCH less recently.
3. What is your current favorite workout? HIIT (Like Insanity workouts) or Zumba, I've been lazy so I don't want to think about organizing my workout I want someone to tell me what to do.
4. How many calories do you eat a day? 1200 is my goal, but again I haven't kept track much these days
5. What are your favorite healthy snacks? Fruit!
6. What do you usually eat for lunch? I used to pack my lunch everyday, but again with the laziness I've gotten away from that. I try to still keep it healthier with a salad or sandwich, but I'm not always successful.
7. What is your favorite body part to strength train? Shoulders & Butt
8. What is your least favorite body part to strength train? Biceps
9. What are your “bad” food cravings? DIET DRINKS, Sweets & Alcohol - Which I give into these cravings ALL THE TIME!
10. Do you take vitamins or supplements? I take Vitamin D & Biotin everyday, I only take supplements when I'm consistently working out
11. How often do you eat out? Lately it's been more than normal, but I much prefer to stay home and cook. Cooking for 1 is very difficult though, requires lots of meal planning.
12. Do you eat fast food? Yes :(
13. Who is your biggest supporter? Probably you girls!
14. Do you have a gym membership? Yes, I actually have two
15. How many hours of sleep do you get a night? I try to shoot for 7, but my sleep schedule is all out of whack right now. 3 hours one night then 9 the next.
16. Do you have a “cheat” day? I prefer cheat meals over full days
17. Do you drink alcohol? yes, too much!!
18. Do you have a workout buddy? I have a couple, but no consistent ones
19. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle? When I am fully committed to a healthy lifestyle, I love the way I feel about my body and the confidence boost I get.
20. What was the last healthy thing you did?

Come link up your surveys with us until next Monday July 15th!
Mal Smiles
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random Wednesday

I'm stuck at work today...just dying a slow death as the time ticks on sloooooowly. My sleep pattern is beyond off these days. And when you're 3 Diet Cokes into the day and still about to nod off, it sounds like power nap in the breakroom time.
Tonight I am going to Spirited Art to drink wine and paint a cute little peacock picture with some girlfriends. After exhaustion + wine kicks in, I will hopefully sleep like a baby tonight.
Check this out - If you love the good ole U S of A then you need to get your booty on down to Knoxville for some 4th of July celebrations. We got voted the most patriotic city according to USA Today/FourSquare! #'MERICA! How about that?!?
Hope you all have a Happy & Safe 4th of July long weekend!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Curing #NOtivation: Looking Good = Feeling Good

Mal Smiles
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First order of business, we have three lucky winners for the Kickboxing DVD's giveaway. Check out Hallie's blog to see if you are one of them & claim your prize!

Today I want to talk about cute gym clothes, because let's face it we all feel better in cute clothes. I am a tiny obsession with gym clothes. Black workout capris? I probably own 10 pair. No joke. I love them! Sports bras? I just rearranged my bras the other day and counted, I have 18. I have 7 pairs of tennis shoes - but in my defense here I only wear 3 of them to the gym.
Target is one of my fav places to find cute, yet still very affordable clothes, with lots of color options. The Marshall's close to my house is AMAZING for this too. So many different color & style choices in the activewear.

Plus, all these cute custom workout tops now? I want one! Nutrition Snob on etsy has some of my favs!

Point being, I think it's true in life - even in the gym - that when you look cute, you feel better about yourself!
#Notivation Link Up: Feel free to link up ANY health or fitness posts! We want to create collection to inspire each other and cure #NOtivation. Hallie, Mallory, and I have a few fun things planned for future weeks and we hope you will link up every Tuesday.