Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday's Letters - You are definitely my most favorite link up these days. You are so popular and everyone in blogland loves you! So glad I jumped in and joined the fun a couple weeks ago. Dear 107 degree weather on Saturday - I sincerely hope that you and I can find an agreement where I can still be at the lake all day and not die. Thank you for your participation. Dear Fire on the Water - I'm so excited that it's time for your fireworks again this year!!
 Pic from Fire on the Water at my boat dock Source
Dear 'Merica - I love you! Thank you for being so great! Dear Wedding - So glad we could meet again last night and get some planning done. I am 98% sure I found my venue, even if it means changing my date by a week.
Hint about wedding
Dear engagement pictures in 7 weeks - you cannot get here soon enough for me. I literally am beyond excited! Dear lovely readers - thank you for always encouraging me & I hope you all have an awesome heat stroke free weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Halfway Point - Goals Update

So here we are facing July...already! And here I am trying to look back on the goals I set for myself as New Year's resolutions. See my original goals post here. I am list person so it's easy to keep myself on track by making a goal list and marking things off as I go. Let's evaluate -

1. Lose this last 10 lbs and keep it off ~I am probably half way there with this one. I have lost about 5 lbs this year although I've still been a slacker overall. I need to step up my workout game! I wanted to do this by summer, but I have been so busy. Excuses, I know.

2. Wear heels and accessorize more, buy clothes that actually fit - Get my style back ~ I have done a pretty good job on this one! I know you have nothing to gauge that by because I never post my outfits - totally not a fashion blogger. I've bought some new clothes that actually fit, but I admit sometimes I still wear the baggy ones. But I feel confident that I've made headway on this one.

3. Read 30 books ~ I have probably read 10 books so I'm less than half way under my goal. I'm currently looking for a new series to get into. I love a good trilogy!

4. Pray more ~ I have dropped the ball. Need to refocus on this one.

5. Begin a graduate program ~ I very seriously doubt this will happen at this point. It's still a life goal of mine, but with the wedding planning for next spring I don't have enough energy to put into school again.

6. Start and finish our master bathroom remodel ~ EPIC FAIL! Remember here and here where I started strong? I have made zero progress. I still get pissed off every single day about the floor. I hope I can pull this one off!

7. Make family a priority ~ Better! My relationship with both my parents has changed this year. The older I get, the more I realize I will need them as babysitters one day :) haha

8. Cook more and try cooking new foods ~ I am proud to say that I have excelled at this one! I have been a cooking queen and trying all kinds of new recipes. The majority of them have been delish too, which surprised the hell outta me!

9. Travel somewhere breathtaking ~Unless I win the lottery this weekend, I think this will be a fail too. Our schedules just won't allow it this year unfortunately. Next year, honeymoon, I'm coming for you!

10. Run a 5k and do another bootcamp ~ Work in progress. I have really been putting the internal pressure on myself to sign up for another bootcamp at the gym lately. I need to, I want to, but it does take a lot of time and I am scared it will kill me. Obviously, it didn't kill me last time so I doubt it would this time. I still think I could run a 5k in the fall.

Not too bad! Definitely could be worse. I'm proud of myself for keeping up with (most) of these goals. Now if I could just conquer that damn bathroom!!
Have you kept up with any of your New Year goals?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I have lots to update you on - and I was even going to do Wedding Wednesday today, but I just feel so behind and thinking about the wedding planning is not immediate on my priority list right now. I still haven't picked a venue and I haven't gone dress shopping. After the 4th of July, I will get back into action, I must promise this to myself or else it will be May before I know it! My laptop was acting funny for the past 2 nights so I'm also behind on reading and commenting on your blogs. Skye fixed it for me late last night so watch out tonight I'm going to be doing some serious blog reading!

Since I have been slacking on everything lately, I am just going to bombard you with pictures from Pinterest because that's easy! Enjoy! Come follow me and join the fun!

Source: via Blass Wright
Source: via Jill Flecknell
Source: via Meagan Foster
Source: via Tennessee Blondie
Source: via Jenn Miller
Source: via Courtney Atkins
Source: via Adriana Lucia
Source: via Harriet William


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Guest Posting Today!

Hi friends! My long weekend has me playing major catch up today! Luckily, sweet little Laura over at Fancy This asked me to do a guest post for her today while she's on vacation. Let's all be jealous of her! I had a fabulous 3 day weekend, in case you were wondering. But somehow I managed to forget to take but one single picture. I guess I was having too much fun, which is not a bad problem to have. So sorry that I don't have much to share with you today. 

So if you want to hear my sass mouth today, then you have to jump on over here and read my guest post at Fancy This!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Monday, I'm so glad I will not have to face you due to the fact that I have a nice 3-day weekend again! Dear 3-day weekends, thank you for being my saving grace this summer since it does not appear that we will be going on a vacation, unless it's an impromptu one. Dear humidity, chill out with your bad self! You're killing me! Dear alcohol, I think you and I will be pals this weekend, this girl needs a drink or two! Dear Real Housewives of all cities, thank you for keeping me entertained always. I love the drama- keep bringing it! Dear wedding planning, I'm so sorry that I have been neglecting you, I've been swamped but we will get back at it real soon. Dear Magic Mike, you and I will be meeting real soon! I so look forward to it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

12 Summer Must Haves {Sponsor Spotlight}

Since today is officially the first day of Summer, I thought I would put together a little Summer Must Have list for you! I asked all my June Sponsors if they would help me out and give me their #1 must have summer item this year. This is an amazing group of fashionistas (excluding myself) so I think we should all run out and get these products. This is not a sponsored post by any of these brands, just the things that we love!
1. Brie from Recipe for a Beautiful Life - My favorite summer product is the Tan Towel. It's a towelette with self tanner built right in! It's so easy to apply, goes on streak free, smells great and dries quickly! The color is awesome and so natural! 

2. Kelly from Messy.Dirty.Hair -  Hi loves! I'm Kelly & I blog over at Messy.Dirty.Hair, a fashion & lifestyle blog! Nikki is one of my favorite bloggers so of course I wanted to sponsor her fabulous blog! So today I am just touching on my favorite must have summer product! One of my favorite products to use during the summer is The Body Shops Vitamin C Skin Boost - it creates instant smoothing radiance with a silky smooth finish. It's an ideal skin pick-me-up to enhance your glow. It is not a lotion. It's more of a serum. It's really great when you have a nice tan on your face because it adds such a pretty shine. I highly suggest going & checking out all their Vitamin C Skin products this summer! Hope to see you around Messy.Dirty.Hair.

3. Laura from Fancy This - Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes - I like them because if I have a late night {barbecuing or just spending time with friends} and I don't feel like doing my whole nighttime routine when I get home, I can just give my face a swipe with one of these little guys and it leaves my skin feeling clean, soft, and refreshed. there's no residue left behind at all, and they're hypoallergenic {for realz. I have super-sensitive skin and I don't have any issues with them!} so you know you're not leaving lots of harsh chemicals and whatnot on your face. win-win!

4. Brie from Sophistifunk - Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Fuchsia Fever - i think her picture speaks for itself in saying how cute this color is on her. Perfect pop of color for the summer time!

5. Sarah from Notice the Dirt - My must-have summer product is Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves Spray.  I have the kind of hair that poofs up and kinks into the kind of random waves that actually look like hat head if you even mention the word "humidity".  Basically I look like a ridiculous poodle whether I'm sitting by the pool or walking along the beach or just walking outside in my southeastern U.S. climate.  And forget spending time on a boat without both a hat AND a pony tail!  Then I met Beach Waves spray.  I keep this spray with  me when I'm going to be outside - a couple of spritzes and a comb and my hair will settle into some nice beach-y waves.  Bonus:  the spray smells so nice and summery, it's bound to improve your mood!

6. Lauren from Our Hiding Place - My MUST HAVE piece of summer clothing is colored skinny jeans! They are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, especially paired with a neutral top!  I've been posting pictures of them all over Instagram (@lpmcbride) because I'm OBSESSED with my pale pink and pale yellow pair from American Eagle. Every girl should own a pair this summer! :)

7. The Pink Growl (me!) - My must have product this summer is the Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Spray. I'm a girl with semi-wavy hair, but it's really not cute to wear like that daily. You all know I spend all my free time at the lake so when I'm up there I can just spray this in my hair and scrunch. Easy as that! It smells great and makes very cute waves. This is a lake bag must have for me!

8. Sami from Sami's Shenanigans - My favorite summer must have product is a cute cover-up for the pool/beach! I love this Tory Burch one from ShopBop.

9. Suzanne from The Wineabe - Here is my favorite...Benefit Ultra Shines lip gloss in {So Frisk Me} It is just the right combo of shine and color {and a little sparkle} for the summer! is not sticky!  {I hate sticky lip gloss}

10. Taylor from Goings On In Texas - My go to product for summer (and really all year round) is City Block Sheer SPF 25 by Clinique. It's a great tinted face protector that can be used by itself or as a makeup primer. I love it!! I don't wear foundation so this is a perfect primer for me. :) And it's got SPF to protect my face. It also comes in a 40 SPF.

11. Nikki from My Life My Way - my Maui Jim sunglasses because skin cancer runs ramped in my family. I do not go out of the house without these things EVER!

12. Sarah from Simply Sarah - My all time favorite summer product would have to be this True Blue Foaming Body Buff from Bath & Body works. I put this on after I wash my body and it makes my skin really soft. I hate using lotion and I never have to when I exfoliate with this stuff. It's amazing and I always get compliments on how smooth my skin is. (Ps- totally works even better if you apply it with exfoliating gloves or a loofah)

Now you know what we love! What's your favorite from the list??

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

50 Shades of Eehh

Let's talk 50 Shades, shall we??? I am 3/4 of the way through 50 Shades Freed, which is the final book in the series. I know I am probably going to get kicked in the teeth for saying this, but I'm a little disappointed with this series overall. {Let the kicking begin!}

After hearing all the buzz about these books everywhere, I just expected something more exciting I guess. Really for me, it turned into more of a love story. I'm not a fan of reading romance books. I'm ok if somewhere in the story line a romance blossoms - that's usually hard to avoid - but I don't like a story line focused all on a love story. I know there were other aspects to these books and all the drama that came with Christian and Ana getting together, but for me it was really a Cinderella story. I don't want to say too much for those of you who haven't read it, but I honestly just expected more crazy sex stuff. Yes, it was kinky but for me the quantity of the sex was overwhelming and exhausting haha!

The books are definitely easy to read, but I guess I just didn't get sucked into the story like everyone else did. I'm still very curious at how they will make this into a movie that's not X-rated. The first book was my favorite because it was the most exciting I guess you could say.

Here are some of the people in talks for the movie roles via Who do you think would be best fit to play Christian & Ana on screen?

Am I the only one who feels this way about 50 Shades?? I'm just eehh with it, didn't hate it, but I wasn't over the moon for it either.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Insta{LOVE} Weekend Recap

Hey party people!! First thing's first today - I'm guest blogging over at Simply Sarah today! I'm dishing the details on my what's in my (lake) bag, so check it out!
I had such a good weekend, but I stayed so busy that it literally disappeared before my eyes. I squeezed in a little  cloudy lake time Saturday, then I was off to my friend's wedding. The ceremony was so sweet and the reception was a blast! It was one of the best receptions I've been to. SO FUN! There was an open bar, hence why I somehow managed to forget to take any pictures. Needless to say a good time was had by all! Sunday was a lazy lake day with my daddy. He works so hard and this is the first chance we've had to get up to the lake together all summer. It's sad! I am so thankful for him and seeing him at the lake with his open heart surgery scar really reminds me that I'm lucky to have him!
Here's a peek at what I did manage to capture from my weekend:
Tilly's new toy

My happy place

I hope that you all had a great weekend too!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, I'm so happy to see you! I've worn awesome heels every day this week and my feet really need a rest! Dear Sinful Colors Nailpolish from Walgreens, you rock my world! I've had your neon pink on my nails since Monday and there's not a chip in sight. Oh and you're $1.99 price tag just really does it for me! Dear Chocolate Icing Donut, I could not resist your temptation this morning and I had to indulge myself in your sugary goodness. Dear co-worker, I cannot wait to attend your wedding tomorrow, especially since there's an open bar. Dear Dad, why are you the most impossible person on the plant to buy gifts for? What do you buy for the man who has everything he wants?? Dear readers, you guys are so sweet to me and my southern accent. I love you! Dear sunshine at the lake, I'm coming for you this weekend! Dear Instagram, could I possibly be more obsessed with you? I think not. Dear Fathers out there, Happy Father's Day weekend!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show & Tell Vlog

Ok so it's 10:50 PM my time which means that it's still Tuesday. AKA I'm actually doing two posts today. OMG that's never happened! I'm getting to be such an old pro at this whole blog thing - bahaha I kid, I kid! Seriously though, this was too good to put off until tomorrow! So here you have your Wednesday post, real late on Tuesday night. Now you can't say I never gave you anything.

I was feeling brave tonight so I decided to go for my 2nd attempt at a vlog. I'm joining the Show & Tell link up with Raven & Becky. If you don't know these ladies, you should! They are both so cute and hilarious!

A few things we need to clear up before you watch my vlog: #1. I look awful! I'm ready for bed but I knew if I waited until tomorrow that I wouldn't do it so here you have me at my finest. #2. My voice seems really loud and high pitched, I swear it's not that bad in real life! #3. My face is oily, again ready for bed so what do you expect?

Here are the topics I chose to answer in my Show & Tell:
1. Show your favorite pair of shoes
2. Show your favorite hair product
3. Show a piece of jewelry you wear everyday
4. Tell something you recently purchased
5. Tell your favorite app


Insta{LOVE} Weekend Recap

Long weekends are the best thing this side of a vacation! Skye was off Sunday & Monday so we fully planned to spend time lounging in the sun at the lake. Mother nature had other plans in store for us. Saturday was gorgeous here, unfortunately Skye was working. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading, I finished 50 Shades of Grey and moved on to 50 Shades Darker (I've since finished and moved on to Book 3). I sat in the sun while I read and then cleaned my house. Sucks, but it was much needed! Sunday & Monday was just rainy - ick. Not ideal for working on my tan at all. We did get some sun time on Friday after work at least!
The biggest excitement this weekend came from Tilly's new scalping haircut. We took her to a try out a new groomer and look what happened. Obviously, the groomer decided to veer away from the typical Pomeranian lion cut. I love a pom's hair long, but my girl loves to play outside so I like to keep her hair shorter in the summer. It's just less hot for her and less mess for me. She's still as cute as she can be, but she looks like a Chihuahua instead of a pom!
If you're into my random ass pictures then find me on Instagram {nikkib918}. Here's a look at what happened around here last weekend...
Friday night post-work session, nothing better to wash away the week

Tilly's new look - I hate that she doesn't look like a pom anymore! Luckily, her hair grows back really fast.

Me and my love, and his mustache. I have tried to rebel against it, but obviously it's a losing battle.

Watching a band play Saturday night at Smoky Mountain Brewery - I don't like their beers so I went to my go-to drink - Rum & Diet Coke. Never lets me down.

My favorite koozie - I'm a huge Office fan!

I envy her life
Thank you ALL so much from the bottom of my heart for reading this silly little blog! I'm currently working on a fun way to show off my June sponsors to you, 3 guests posts for some lovely ladies AND I hit 200 followers!! That's so exciting!! I just might need to start thinking about a fun giveaway!! I feel so blessed that you care enough to read! THANK YOU!!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm a link up kinda girl. It's an easy way to meet new blog friends, and not really have to think about serious content. Plus, I see people linking up to this one ALL THE TIME so I had to try it out for myself. Join me over at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters!

Dear lost diamond from my favorite earrings, you ruined my night last night! I lost you and I cried a lot. I hope that you aren't lost forever! Dear Norris Lake, nothing makes me happier than you! I can't wait to reunite with you tonight after work and this weekend for some prime sun time! Dear Luke Bryan, please come to a city near Knoxville so that I don't have to try and talk Skye into driving hours just to watch me lust over you. Dear hair, don't fret my pet you will be getting done next week. I know you look rough now but just hang in there for a few more days. Oh and PS if you could grow faster too that would be awesome! Dear blog friends, I really have hankerin' to meet some of you! Who wants to host a girl's weekend?? Dear Skye, I'm so glad you're finally off this weekend so I can love on you! Dear iPhone, why are you dying so fast lately? Dear Friday's Letters, I think I love you!

Happy Weekend everybody! I'm off Monday so I have a long one! I plan on getting some sun and spending time with my sweet pea so it will be silent around these parts until Tuesday. You know I'll still be lurking on Twitter and Instagram though!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Things to Love - CMT Awards Edition

Last night Tilly and I rocked out in the living room and had our own personal little CMT Fest. I love me some country music! I actually listen to all kinds of music - rap, rock, pop, bluegrass, country...all of it. But as a good Southern grown girl, I can appreciate the lyrics of a good country song. I'm into the really old style of country like Loretta Lynn and the newest country-rock styles. Not so much the sappy sad love songs. Plus, I just love watching award shows and seeing the outfits and the performances. I haven't done a Thursday Things to Love in a while, so here is my CMT Awards Edition of Thursday Things to Love.

Little black dresses - Seems like all the big names brought out their LBDs last night for the red carpet. Every girl needs one. I sometimes think that people have the perception that country folk can't be sassy/stylish. Exhibit A below: Mrs. Carrie Underwood looking quite sassy in her LBD and those shoes!

Luke Bryan In my humble opinion Luke Bryan is just drop dead swelteringly sexy! Again, I can appreciate the country boy appeal. His smile, his sweet Georgia accent, his sense of humor, his music - I'm basically in love with him. After he performed last night at the CMT Awards, I spent and hour and a half searching online to see where he was touring close to me this summer. My closest results were Columbus, OH & Charlotte, NC. I must work on making this happen! (anyone want to go? Skye doesn't seem to think that watching me drool over my country husband would be a good time!) Sadly, he is married (of course to a gorgeous woman who has given him 2 gorgeous children). So I'm probably out of the running. However, I will never stop loving him from a distance! :)

With his equally beautiful wife, Caroline
A Good Living Room Concert Have you ever just found yourself lost in an awesome music performance? Only to come back to reality to find yourself in your living room with the TV so loud the neighbors are getting a kick of out it? Yep, that was me last night! One thing I love about country music is that these people (for the most part Taylor Swift not included) can really truly sing. I found out last night that some of my favorite country bands, Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town and Jason Aldean will all be coming out with new albums soon. The performances really blew me away.
Have y'all heard Little Big Town's new song - Motorboatin'? Hilarious!

My precious country husband

The Band Perry - who are from Greeneville, TN just about 2 hours away from me

The most badass girls in country music
I was so amped up last night that I couldn't sleep. I was in my car this morning at 7am blasting Pistol Annies & Luke Bryan on the way to work. You should try it, it really makes a great start to the day. Lil Wayne really does the trick in this department too, if you don't fancy country at all.

Did any of you guys watch the CMT Awards last night?? What did you think about the performances or dresses??