Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Challenge - 30 Miles in 30 Days

I am so excited to tell you guys about this 30 Miles in 30 Day Challenge I am starting on March 1! I found the idea on Pinterest the other day and have modified it a little bit and invited some close friends to join me for support.
You can find the original idea here from Shape Magazine. They actually have a suggested training schedule with how you could accomplish this goal too, if it just seems too overwhelming for you. IT'S TOTALLY DOABLE!
I have successfully talked my girl Manda into doing this with me so we can hold each other accountable. She is such a sweet friend and even though we don't live in the same city, she is one of those people who can really lift you up when you need support. And I knew she had some specific fitness goals for the summer so she immediately popped in my head when I was trying to think of a buddy.
Here are the details:
30 Miles in 30 Days
Start Tomorrow, Friday March 1 goes through Sunday March 31 (technically you get an extra day for makeup miles haha)
Keep a log somehow of how many miles you did on what days. I will be keeping mine on my Notes app on my iPhone, but do what works for you.
Find a buddy to hold you accountable - and it can be either me or Manda if you need it to be - we want other ladies to join the challenge and reach their goals!
We decided the miles can be logged by any of the following: walking, jogging, running, elliptical or biking (stationary or real bicycle). Running is not for everyone, so we want to make it someone that anyone can easily get involved in! Walking is still great exercise.
The purpose of the challenge is to get your actively motivated towards reaching your higher fitness goals! Make sure you sit down before you start and physically write out goals for yourself. I'm a big believer that writing things down helps to make them more "real" for us. I have struggled very much in my life the past couple months with self control. March is going to be the time that I regain the self control that I have lost. I will be posting at least weekly updates here and on Instagram {nikkib918} & Twitter on my personal challenge results to keep everyone updated. We can do this!
Pinterest is always a good source of motivational pictures, quotes or fitness ideas. You can follow me here on Pinterest. If you need personal motivation, you can contact us too! I know two specific blog friends: Taylor & Nikki who are PERFECT at giving you REAL TALK and a swift kick in the ass if you need it! They are both very knowledgeable about healthy workouts & goals and they have helped me very much.I am excited about this for myself and if it can help motivate even one other person then mission accomplished.
So starting tomorrow - it's ON!
30 miles in 30 days HERE WE COME!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting - Workin On My Fitness Edition

If you follow me on Pinterest then you've seen my obsession with Fitness pins lately. I find that it really gives me inspiration to pin all this crap...and I've actually been saving some workouts on my phone and using them. YAY ME! If you don't follow me on Pinterest, then go do that There now you can be included in my motivation tactics. You're welcome!
Here's what has been getting me going lately:
Source: Sam Marti via
Source: Katie Buchnan Reynolds via
Source: Alondra Miller via
Source: Abba Coe via
Source: Callie Collins via
Source: Brenda Pitre via
Source: Molly Matlock via
Source: Britney Garcia via
 We all fall off the workout wagon sometimes. Hell- I fall off like it's my damn job! The important thing is you get back on. Tomorrow I am going to tell you allllll about a little personal challenge that Manda & I are doing for March. Yep, that's right TWO workout posts in a row.
Happy Hump Day darlings!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Update

So who is ready to hear ALLLLLLLLL about my Luke Bryan in Louisville shenanigans?? I know you would have never guessed this, but I had the most amazing time! First of all the three other people I was with are all very close friends of mine. Each one of them have been a source of support for me since my breakup back in early November. We planned this trip the weekend after Thanksgiving and it's been such a blessing for me to have this to look forward to ever since then. They were part of the crew that went to Harrah's too a couple weeks ago. I am actually very sad that it's over, but have no fear I think we are planning another trip to see Lukey in the near future!
I took zero pictures of Luke, FL/GA Line or Thompson Square...I'm telling ya I was really just trying to take it all in. I am still mostly without a voice from screaming so much Friday night. I definitely got in a workout from dancing my booty off too. Luke was sooooooo SEXY and he was fabulous in concert....duh!
After the concert, we hit up PBR on 4th Street. This was  my first outing in downtown Louisville and I had so much fun! We went to a couple other bars before the night ended, I do remember one with a bowling alley, but I don't remember the names. We closed down the city and then somehow by the grace of God I didn't wake up with too bad of a hangover. We had to take it a little easy Saturday and ended up trying to cure our hangovers with Mexican food, margaritas and Dos Equis. It helped! It was damn difficult to find a bar in Lousiville playing the UT game though...
Yesterday we made it back home and I felt like I was coming home from a vacation. Such a bummer that it's over! But I definitely have some good stories to tell so that's what matters, right?
I took a lot of pictures while we were running around Louisville, but only about half of them are "blog appropriate" or not blurry because let's face it, we were kinda drunk. Here are some of the gems I posted on Instagram (you can find me @nikkib918).
Not from the concert, but you gotta have an LB shot up in here!
Right before we left

After the concert outside the KFC Yum Center - My brother has already told me that there's too much plaid in this picture

We definitely partied our asses off Friday night! Then completely crashed on the way home. Zero to sixty back to zero all in a weekend's time.
Last night I watched the Oscars when I got home and had every intention of going to bed early to catch up on sleep. However....I stayed up until about 11:30 searching for a city to plan my next LB adventure....stay tuned!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Things to Love

I haven't done a Thursday Things to Love post in a here ya go. Basically I have ZERO attention span today and I am worthless. All I can think about is...well you know what it is...
Um hello Luke Bryan's crotch...hello there!
  • LB DAY IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! Hello Louisville! Hello LB & Florida Georgia Line! (Sadly, I'm not as excited about Thompson Square, even though I like them) I had a dream that I hooked up with one of the guys from FL/GA Line (hello slut!) and we got to meet LB - that is taking one for the team right there. Hello road trip! Hello treats to stuff my boots for the concert!
  • I have been in the gym three days this week by 5:30am. It makes my day fabulous, honestly it does. I have been to a Zumba class. I have been using myFitnessPal and eating healthy. And because of all that I have sore butt cheeks and lost 2 lbs. I'll take it!
New lock screen I made for my phone
  • My basketball Vols are on a winning streak! First Kentucky last weekend, then LSU, I think Texas A&M shall be next! Lezdoit! I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Skylar McBee's sweet facial hair designs... GO VOLS!
  • You know I have to leave you on an LB note...I'm obsessed, forgive me. I'm sure next week I'll tell you all about it and you will roll your eyes and tell me to STFU! One of my favorite videos of him covering Adele...
Y'all will have to keep up with me on Twitter & Instagram {nikkib918} this weekend to see all my pics! PEACE, LOVE & LUKE BRYAN!
I promise next week I will try to cool it.... well probably not next week because I'll be telling you alllllll about the concert, but the week after. That's fair!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

OHP - Current Favorites Edition

I have been a pinning fool for weeks now. I was kinda a late bloomer getting into the Pinterest game, but now if I have spare time I am just pinning like a mo-fo. You can find me here. I just wanted to share with you some of my Current Favorites today from each of my boards {excluding that Wedding one because I ain't touching that one with a ten foot pole these days}.
I need this!
Source: Tyler Sowers via
Cute armcandy
Source: Matina Kalandaroglou via
SO TRUE! I'm a huge believer in this!
Source: Kristy Bate via
Classic pony
Source: Holly Cobb via
Guess who still hasn't made any moves with the bathroom redesign? But I can dream!
Source: Adria Tutton via
I'm going to try this next week
Source: Marina YummyMummyKitchen via
YEP, Love being southern
Source: Jessica Mills via
Source: mini via
Source: Amanda Hughes via
Source: Angie Blackwell-Rautiainen via
TWO DAYS )&(*^*%&^$^&$ omg!
Source: Amanda Fehribach via


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Update

Can I just get a quick AMEN for looooong weekends? They are so refreshing & relaxing & much needed! Thank you ALL for your sweet comments on Friday to my "I'm an effed up mess" post. The weekend brought me much reflection and positive reinforcements that my life is headed in the right direction. I had a low point this weekend because yesterday I had to go pick up my wedding dress. They called me the week of Valentine's Day to tell me it was ready to be picked up. Talk about bad timing... But I'm okay oddly enough. Literally in the past 24 hours, I have been given TWO different "signs", if you will, that I should be moving on with my life and looking forward to the next chapter. AND THAT MAKES ME EXCITED!
Plus I'm going to be an overly annoying drooling crazy person this week because I'm seeing LUKE BRYAN ON FRIDAY Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Tilly wanted so badly to go outside and play on Saturday but mama had some chores inside to do
WHAT WHAT?!?! GO VOLS BABY! This game was awesome!

I hosted a Pure Romance Party at my house Saturday night...5 liters of box wine and some dick tarts probably accurately describe the shenanigans that went down. It was my first one but we had so much fun!

My car got a much needed bath on Sunday afternoon


Thank you girls who suggested adding GirlTalk to my iTunes - LOVED this with my Sunday workout!


Yesterday was a day of self control for me, including my eating. Nothing like ending the day with the healthy dinner!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Letters


Heeeeeeey Friday! I am so happy to see your sweet ass! Let's all link up with Ashley and congratulate her on her exciting baby news - isn't she just stunning??
Dear my first single girl Valentine's Day since I was 16 - YOU CAN SUCK IT! Y'all I tried to go into yesterday with a positive attitude but ultimately that little bitch cupid got the best of me. I have PMS right now too and I just couldn't fight it off. I wallowed, I felt sorry for myself, I absolutely stuffed my face until my stomach was as round as it could be and I went to bed early. NO GOOD! I was let down, hurt and miserable. The good news is, it's OVER! Let's move on! This was how I treated myself yesterday at lunch and it all went downhill from here...
I am thankful for some sweet friends who made me smile yesterday! Erin Cassie Kim Kristen Carley Laura Beth Manda Dusty and Christa (even though you don't blog, I know you read mine!) I love you ALL!
Oreo Blast? I think so! Do I eat my feelings? I think so!
Dear Operation Get Skinny - Let's meet again! Yesterday was a major minor setback, but we can get past it. Now I'm daydreaming of beautiful Norris Lake and that requires me a in a bikini so let's do it! Dear Tilly - thank you for always being there for me to cuddle and love on. You are mama's BFF! You knew it was coming....Dear LUKE BRYAN - SEVEN DAYS BABY! I am so thankful I have this to look forward to! I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT!
I need one of these!
Dear Self - You can do this. You can survive this. You ARE strong. You WILL be happy again, and I have a feeling it won't be long. Don't give up. You just gotta get back up when life knocks you down!

Happy Friday lovebugs! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!