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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Half Way There!

Today marks the 20 week point in my pregnancy! HALF WAY THERE!!!! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then it's not shocking news. Pretty sure this is the first even slightest mention of being pregnant on the blog so it might come as a little bit of a surprise for some of you though...
I'm having a precious baby boy at the end of November!
There were days in the wee early weeks of this pregnancy thing that I thought these would be the longest 9 months of my life. Probably because the sickness would just never end. But here we are, smack dab in the middle of this beautiful journey. I'm no longer sick, and the days are starting to go by much faster.
Also, I'm basically a failed blogger since I keep making promises that I can't keep in regards to pretending like I'm going to come back and do this blogging thing again. I have no idea how I ever found the time to make it happen so frequently in years past!!!! But I did want to have some sort of documentation while I'm pregnant so I felt a post was warranted.
Being pregnant is just like any other life experience, meaning that you cannot fully appreciate or understand it until you go through it yourself firsthand. It's a fine line with being sensitive to friends for whom pregnancy is a painful topic, which I totally understand - but also needing to vent about these crazy, weird things happening to you! I heard friends talk about this infamous "morning sickness". (Liars. No one ever told me about all day sickness.) You hear people make jokes about how emotional pregnant  women can be. (I never realized that I would sometimes feel ALL THE EMOTIONS at once. One cannot even prepare for this because how in the hell would you be able to???) You're sick, you're exhausted, you can't drink alcohol or caffeine (even though I do have a Coke every now and then), and you're a hangry emotional roller coaster - basically you're a blast to be around! HAHA!

On a serious note, most of that stuff has calmed down quite a bit since I'm well into my 2nd trimester now. It's completely insane to think that I only have about a month left in this 2nd trimester! Now is the time when being pregnant has suddenly become very real. I felt my baby move last weekend y'all!!!! It does not get more real than that! Every single moment of sickness was absolutely worth it to feel my tiny human move inside my belly. Probably not even a full on a kick, but just a hint of a movement from him and I was sobbing. I just cannot seem to fully grasp the fact that this is MY CHILD. (Yeah yeah, I know technically he's my husband's child too, but really this little guy will be a mama's boy. I just know it!) It's THE most exciting, terrifying, humbling experience I've ever been through. And there's so much more to go through as we get closer to November.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything right now. Everybody says to take it all in because it goes by so fast. Most days I do feel overly excited. There are moments of fear, naturally. I'm trying my hardest to trust that God has me in this position to become a mother for a reason. He knows that I can handle this journey. It can be too easy - not just in being pregnant, but in any season of life - to allow ourselves to be overcome with self pity when we are lonely, or frustration when other people push their opinions on us, or even hateful for not really any good reason at all. I've had plenty of those moments that sometimes have turned into full days of emotions. The important thing for me right now is to try and remain overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to be my little boy's mama. A child is the biggest blessing! No matter how anyone else feels about it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world these days, and I want to live out that feeling every single day.

Now help me to remember these words when I'm feeling hormonal! :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

5 On a Friday!

Since I have been on my bloggy hiatus, I wasn't sure if Five on Friday was still a thing! But I was so excited when I saw this post from Natasha that showed me it was still alive and well!


Has this felt like the longest week or two ever? Or is that just me??? I think I'm experiencing post wedding blues. For months, my life was planning this event and now I'm just kind of existing. Don't get me wrong, I have PLENTTTTTY I could be doing at work, but instead I'm here. You know those ruts we fall into sometimes. Basically I want to be spending my days soaking up the sunshine on patios with my husband instead of being trapped in my office. I need some weekend in my life!!!


I ordered myself a wand. No, not the Harry Potter kind (even though I do need one of those babies). A curling wand! I had one years ago and could never really get the hang of it, so I gave it away. I feel like I kept seeing all these bloggers and promotions on Instagram for NuMe products and they gave me an AMAZING deal so I took it. It came in last night so we'll see how well I can use it this weekend. Might be a good Mother's Day gift too for anybody in the market! (I got the Magic 25MM in pink!)

Magic Wand 25MM


We are in the midst of house hunting. I say that with both excitement and exhaustion. The housing market is not great in the town we live in. I love looking at houses with potential, but I am just not the fixer upper type. I really want to build a house! But speaking of Fixer Upper, I'm currently obsessed with Chip & Joanna. Late the bandwagon, per usual. They are so funny, so cute, and so talented! What a power couple!


So even though I'm an old married lady now, I'm still the same old me. Meaning I'm still obsessing over the Real Housewives of everywhere. I wasn't really sold on Potomac, but I am reallllllly loving Dallas! Plus Erika Jayne from Beverly Hills is my new favorite person.  She is absolutely a no nonsense person and doesn't make apologies for who she is. She was a GREAT addition to that cast.
And my RHONY girls are back. i gotta admit that I miss Heather though. And while we are talking about Bravo can I just plug Southern Charm? I swear that's probably one of my most favorite Bravo shows! I cannot get enough of it. OH THE DRAMA WITH KATHRYN & THOMAS!!!!! Something might be legit wrong with me that I am on this level with Bravo. My husband says that Andy Cohen rules my life. It's true, he does.


I know I've said "my husband" 100x in this post. You'll have to forgive me. I'm kind of obsessed with him. We are newlyweds, you know! So in honor of getting married three weeks ago, here's another wedding picture for you! We are still waiting to get them all back, and of course I'm waiting on pins and needles. I'm sure my time wasting skills will be put to excellent use when those beauties come in. It really was the best day ever!

{Photo Creds to B.Loved Images}

Well there you go! That's my two cents on a Friday! Peace out homies. And always remember Go Vols!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Playing Major Catch Up

Pretty sure I'm a straight up stranger around here these days!! My blog is so outdated, it's like going back in time when I log on to Blogger and look at my draft folder. I don't have a pup anymore so I'm not even sure I can still be THE PINK GROWL - is that allowed?? I do still love pink and gold (our wedding colors!!!) so maybe that's enough to get me by for now.

Currently - I have two posts sitting as drafts about wedding planning. WELP, I got married on April 9th so that's old news now! I can't believe the last time I blogged was in December after we got engaged. Obviously, A LOT has happened since then.

Let's play a little catch up! In November I sold my house, moved in the with (then) fiancĂ©. My house sold much faster than I anticipated and I only moved in with him temporarily to have a place to live. I had no idea in a couple weeks we would be engaged. We got engaged on December 12th after 8 months of dating and planned a wedding in 4 months. April 9th was a special date for us so I was really hoping we could pull everything together in time! The truth of the matter is, wedding planning can be stressful, it can be hard, it can drive you crazy and definitely drive you broke! BUT, it is doable on a tight budget & timeline! People told me I was crazy! I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard "wow you guys are really in a hurry!" or "it's so soon". Yes, we are aware that it's so soon, thank you for the update. It's not that we were in a hurry necessarily. But I'm 31 and he's 33, so we knew what we wanted and when we wanted it and we went for it. It's not like we just met each other either. We never wanted to be engaged for a long time, and honestly I think it was the perfect amount of time! I'm very happy with the way things turned out. And the best part is, now I have a husband!!!!

 {Photo Creds to B.Loved Images}
I look back at my old posts from last year when we started dating, and it's so exciting/crazy/overwhelming/AMAZING to see how things have happened!! All those times I was so stressed about finding the right guy, and what felt like the next step in my life. I had no idea that I would end up marrying someone I already knew (and totally had a crush on for years)! The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways, you guys! Trust me on that!!

I run into people who want to offer me marriage advice a lot. Sometimes more like comments vs. advice. And I think that's great. We all have opinions and I love an honest person who will tell it like it is. However, people can be so negative sometimes! It's disappointing actually. Haters in the grass! To be fair, I don't believe the majority of people mean any harm by it. But it can wear on your nerves when you're on Cloud 9. I don't for one second think that my marriage will be easy or a fairy tale story, but I know that I am hopeful that we will always make it work. I'd like to think that years down the road, I'm not the bitter soul giving out the negative words. I hope that I can take my experiences - even the awful, ugly, knock down drag out ones - and use them for good.

Certain parts of this journey have truly felt like a whirlwind adventure - both in good ways and some bad. Joining your life together with another person isn't always an easy transition and we have a 9 year old child involved too, so there have been some prickly moments. But you press on through the struggles when you KNOW things are right. Today, I 100% stand in a place where I can be fully thankful for all the mishaps along the way because that's how I ended up here.

So there's my two cents. Clearly, I don't have a dang clue what I'm talking about. Somehow now I'm a wife and a stepmom, when usually I can barely make it through each work day :) Such is life!

Missed all my bloggy pals!! XOXO


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tis the Season for Making Broken Things Beautiful

Where do I even begin with this post??? Well first of all, thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post before Thanksgiving. I have to admit that it ended up being a pretty good Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family. We were all a little worried about how it might be, but in the end, we were able to celebrate each other and our blessings. The only tears shed were during the prayer before we ate when we thanked God for sending us mom to have in the first place.

So now on to Christmas! I have realized something about myself this year... I am embarrassed to say it, but I am a Christmas pessimist. I complain about the season, complain about my family situation and find myself saying "I hate Christmas!" frequently. As much as I try to be a positive person in general, Christmas gets the best of me. BUT WHY? Christmas is NOT supposed to be about me. But I am quite ashamed to admit that I am constantly trying to make it center around me.

I don't have enough money for all the gifts I want to buy
I don't have normal family relationships
I don't have time for 12 Christmas stops
I don't get enough time off work around the holidays
Selfish. Selfish. Selfish.

Christmas tends to make me feel broken. Beat down. Financially broke. Kinda ungrateful. It's ugly. I have come to expect the worst, and that's not really who I want to be. But this year, just three days before Christmas I have  renewed sense of HOPE. Hope in the fact that God is still working all around me - even on the hard days when I feel very far from him. Hope that my family can be restored. Hope that Christmas can still stand for exactly what it should always stand for - even though I try to manipulate the meaning and make it about me. Hope in GRACE!

So this morning, as my attitude was slowing shifting from Scrooge to Buddy the Elf, I had an epiphany of sorts. This IS what the Advent season is about. It's what it's ALL about! Christmas is about celebrating the ultimate gift of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and recognizing that He came to rescue us from this broken world. I read something a couple weeks ago over at (in)courage and it's really stuck with me. I've gone back to re-read it several times, but it wasn't until today that it truly clicked.

Christmas is the ultimate story of hope, of grace, of restoration. Isn't that just the best reminder??


My life can feel messy. When the mess feels overwhelming and heavy (which can be more times than I'd care to admit), I tend to completely forget the redemption of restoration. I tend to focus only what is weighing me down, and then I'm unable to feel God around me. Things have changed drastically for me since last Christmas. I went back to reread my Christmas post from 2014 and I laughed a little at how much things have changed. Somehow I always forget how vastly things can change just within a year's time!!

I think slowly, but surely, I am learning these lessons. But I also know eventually that even if this time of year is always a little hard on the heart for me, God's hope of restoration is always always always here. And for that, I am thankful!

Oh yeah - and in case you missed it - this Christmas I am going to be showing off some new bling!!!!! I got engaged on 12/12!! Even though it's been 10 days already, I still can't shake the excitement. I cannot wait to marry this man. I hope he knows how much I love him. Talk about the ultimate feeling of coming full circle with my journey. I can't wait to see what God has planned for us (& hopefully our family) this coming year!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you can take a moment to breathe in your blessings and recognize that is always something to be thankful for! I know I will be forcing myself to do that over the next week. XOXO