Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cameron Bump Date: 24 weeks!

How far along: 24 weeks! 16 weeks to go! Woke up this morning 6 months pregnant! That feels like a whole lot to this first timer, but I'm definitely at that point in my pregnancy where I FEEL pregnant all the time now. Not in a bad way though.

Baby is the size of a: An Atlantic puffin bird, GI Joe, eggplant (I like the comparisons on my Ovia pregnancy app MUCH better than the typical fruit ones!)

Sleep: Still pretty good! Sometimes it's harder to fall back asleep between 3:30-5:30a when I have to get up to pee. He's so active at that time, I just want to feel him move instead of getting more sleep. But usually I can manage falling back to sleep before my alarm goes off. Between the heat and weight gain, I do feel more tired now than I have the past couple of months.

Total Weight Gain: Hovering around 9lbs. total right now. Mostly belly. A little in my face and hips area too. Trying not to focus on the weight gain, just the amazing blessing that I'm growing!
Last week (don't mind my filthy mirror that makes it look like I have a huge zit!)

This morning - 24 weeks - officially 6 months!
Stretch Marks:  None yet!

Innie or Outie: Innie

Symptoms: Some round ligament pain when I roll over suddenly or try to get up too quickly, but not too bad. My face has been broken out again the past week or so (I have all the eye rolls for that symptom!).

Movement: I feel him moving all throughout the day now. He "kicked" me the other day, and it was so intense that it stopped me dead in my tracks. I felt like I was instantly going to pee my pants. My boy is getting bigger and stronger for sure!

Miss anything?:  The usual suspects - excessive caffeine, alcohol. Been missing some of my favorite sushi lately too!

Maternity Clothes: Still haven't broken down and bought any pants yet. Trying to make do through August, and then buy a couple pants for cooler weather in the fall when I will be the biggest and need the most. Mostly sticking with dresses/skirts these days for work, and yoga pants and my husband's tshirts at home.

Go-to eats: I've been eating too much!!!!!! I have indulged myself a little much the past month, and I can tell by the scale. I haven't been craving much in particular though. One day I want one thing and another day I want something different. All normal things that I already liked before I was pregnant though. After dinner snacks have been my weakness.

Best moment of the week: Finally found a diaper bag that I loved and my sweet mother-in-law is going to buy it for us! Can't wait to get it.

Gender: BOY!!!!! Confirmed twice by ultrasound now. No denying that he's a boy!

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing him next Monday at my 24 week doctor appointment!! 

Milestones: Hitting the 6 month mark feels like a huge milestone! Invites were sent out for my baby shower, and we are still planning everything for that. It's very exciting! I'm sure once we have all the baby stuff, it will feel more real!



Christina said...

awww! you look great! so cute!

Nikki said...

You look great!

What diaper bag did you find??

Katie said...

I've been away from blogs for quite some time. I had no idea you were expecting!!! CONGRATULATIONS! We aren't too far apart. I am also having a boy due 12/8. Love that dress (possibly shirt) in the last picture. Super cute!