Friday, August 26, 2016

Cameron Bump date: 26 weeks!

How far along: 26 weeks! 14 weeks to go!
Is it just me or that is __ weeks to go number getting scarier?????

Baby is the size of a: Bowling pin, butternut squash... He weighs a little over 2 lbs right now. Found out at my 24 week appt that he's measuring a little big and about a week ahead of his due date. He's mama's big, healthy boy!
Sleep: I wouldn't say I'm getting the best sleep of my life... but for the most part I'm still getting enough sleep. I'm having a harder time falling back to sleep if I wake up more than anything.

Total Weight Gain: only 1 lb. since my last doctor's visit at 24 weeks - between 10-11 lbs total. At 6 1/2 months pregnant, that's not so bad! I am loving my baby bump though!! I'm still pre- 3rd trimester so even though some evenings I'm uncomfortable, it's not a constant feeling yet.

Stretch Marks:  None yet. Bought some Bio Oil this week to use in addition to my lotion regimen.

Innie or Outie:  My innie is still hanging in there!

Symptoms:  Little bit of bloody noses, soreness in my lower back muscles by the end of the day from this growing belly. Other than that, feeling pretty great still!

Movement: Non-stop. He is a wild little man!

Miss anything?:  I miss being able to jump out of bed in the mornings without getting a sharp pain in my lower belly! Other than that, I've gotten used to the usual things you miss when you're pregnant.

Maternity Clothes: Still none... my wardrobe is definitely restricted right now though. It's 90-plus degrees and 10000% humidity here right now, so dresses are a must. Pants = the devil.

Go-to eats: I haven't really been craving anything in particular this week. My appetite has leveled off some, thankfully.

Best moment of the week: It's been a pretty good week. The time is starting to fly by (I'm told it will slow down again once I get well into my 3rd trimester). Bought a 2nd diaper bag option this week so we will have to rotate between/choose from.

Gender: BOY!!! Confirmed for the 3rd time by ultrasound

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my boy's sweet face and kissing on him! So far he's looking EXACTLY like his daddy and not so much like his mommy. Definitely Daddy's full lips and chin.

Milestones: We finished painting Cameron's room last weekend, ready to get everything situated in there. Seeing my belly bounce around like crazy vs. just being able to feel him moving. We are in the single digit countdown days until we get to meet our baby boy!


♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Love the name you picked out!

Jen @ South in the City said...

You are looking too cute mama!!! It does feel like time is flying by, and I'm not even the pregnant one lol

Katie said...

Have you put a pillow under your belly when sleeping yet? I would always remember after I had laid down for the night and getting back up just wasn't in the cards! My back was KILLING me about 2 weeks ago so I finally brought an extra pillow downstairs and I've been sleeping and feeling SO much better these days!

Erin LFF said...

I have been SO behind on blog reading but glad I hopped over to see a bumpdate! You look great girl, glad you are feeling pretty good overall!! I love the name too! It was actually on our list of names we considered for a long time before we finally chose a diff one.

Laura Darling said...

I love the name Cameron! Glad you are are feeling good! Hopefully that sleep improves a little!

Nikki said...

You look great! I am so excited for you!