Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Year Older

I just celebrated another birthday last week on September 18th. (For the record I started writing this post in September - yet somehow now it's October 25th and I'm just now posting it...a month later... LIFE!)

I didn't turn a milestone age or anything like that, but I would definitely say I'm coming off a record year or two. Losing my mom, Getting engaged, getting married, finding out I'm pregnant - all within a whirlwind amount of time. "Record" to me, meaning unlike any other and unable to be compared to any other. The age of 30/31 was the purest definition of a record year. I'm not sure any other year of my little life has been more significant in shaping the "adult" me.
It's comical to me when I look back on the past few years of my life. I just KNEW that 30 was going to be the year that changed my life forever. And I guess, in a round about sort of way, things did change a whole lot. God pushed me to lots of uncomfortable places when I was 30. I loathed the idea of being " a 30 year old", but I took solace that my life was in His hands and He was 100% guiding me where I needed to be. He taught me to learn to believe that the best things were yet to come (and they truly were). But as with any period of massive growth, there were hardships endured too. The hardest thing ever, actually, when I lost my mom in April 2015. God's timing is truly something to be in awe of though. I can only see that now, a year and half later as a I look back on how things played out.
My faith has played a gigantic role in molding me into this more "adult" version of myself. That's how I like to think of myself anyhow - the more adult version of who I used to be. It's ok if you know me in real life and you just literally LOLed at me calling myself an adult at all :) God changed everything for me after a traumatic breakup in 2012, and while I still think I retained pieces of my former self; I feel like a much different person than I was before that happened. And I mean that in the best way possible.

I started looking through my Instagram account (because you know, I'm so wise in my old age) to see if I could pinpoint any so-called lessons I've learned throughout the past year. Just wanted to share some of those with you today!



Jen @ South in the City said...

Wow what a great and inspiring post!! You've definitely had a lot of ups and downs the past few years, but I think you've moved through them all with such GRACE! I'm both proud and happy for you, you deserve it all! And even among the hard times, God is with us. Love ya girlie!

Joey Hodges said...

So much yes to this. While our years have looked very different, they've been traumatic and life changing in much the same way, and I couldn't agree with you that it's somehow morphed me into the adult version of myself despite my resistance. Sending you love, friend. (And happy belated)!

chantal marie said...

My year 39 was like that too. I got engaged, married, pregnant, had Henry and bought a house and lost my dad all during 29/30. I am very different now and def feel like a true adult for the first time. Growing tiny humans is exhausting but just wait. Raising them is so much more exhausting than anything I've ever done. Babies are small but man sometimes I felt like Henry was trying to kill me slowly. Haha. But we all survive and they are beyond worth it. Hope you had a great birthday!!

Law_Fal said...

Loved this post! I feel like I blinked and missed so much! Happy belated!