Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Wednesday

Linking up with my precious Shanna today because that's what we do on Wednesdays!
#1 - Go visit my sweet friend Manda's blog ....go ahead I'll wait... she did a little Q&A with me and I promise it will make you laugh! She is my partner in crime!
#2 - Don't forget to link up your progress tomorrow for the first May post of 30 miles in 30 days! I am trying to do this challenge AND I started Insanity yesterday so we'll see how that goes.
#3 - Let's talk makeup!
Ms. Linny asked me to try out some Mark. makeup, so the past 2 weeks I've been trying out all my new goodies from her. I gotta admit, I'm not typically an Avon girl so when she asked I was skeptical. But I've actually been impressed with the quality of the products.
If you need a new mascara I HIGHLY recommend the Scanda-Lash Go-To Mascara! I LOVE IT! The brush doesn't allow clumps, and it's perfect for your bottom lashes. I've worn it for a night out and it doesn't smudge on the bottom either, which has always been a problem for me in the past with other brands.
Then there's the gorgeous colors in this On the Dot Neutral Eye Color Compact! They are so pretty, and go on very smoothly, yet looks very defined. I wore the darker purple shade to church a couple weeks ago and got so many compliments.
This is probably one of my favorite products I've tried - the Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer. It's SPF 15, it's moisturising but doesn't leave a greasy feel and it covers up all my zits! SOLD!
Just a thought, if you are in the market for any of these products I would recommend trying Mark. Plus, they are affordable AND they have cute shoes, clothes and jewelry. I will definitely be trying more items from them. Get in touch with Linny and she can get you an order together!

That's about as random as I can get today - Happy Hump Day my peoples!


Amanda aka Manda said...

This is too funny. I was looking at makeup last night at target and was thinking "I really need to ask Nikki what she uses!" But forgot when we were talking! I'm hopeless when it comes to makeup. I hardly ever wear it because of that. BTW: Thanks for the shout out!

Wine and Summer said...

I need to try to that mascara. Mine has been running like crazy. I got it all over my grandma's white blazer when I feel asleep on her shoulder this weekend...whoops!

You HAVE to tell me all about insanity!

*LO* said...

yes, we need to hear about your insanity workout asap!

i might look into the mascara as well.. i use maybelline rocket volume express and i'm not entirely thrilled with it.

Rachel's Country Roots said...

Oh I wanna try that eye shadow..I need something new.

Linny said...

YAY I'm glad you liked everything!! You are the best! xoxo

Courtney B said...

I've been dying to try insanity! Do you love it? (And when I say love I really mean hate... because we love the results but hate what it takes to get them, ha ha!)
That eye shadow looks so pretty!

Sarah said...

AHHH insanity scares me...

can't wait to link up tomorrow :)

smk053078 said...

Hmmmmm.....I am not typically an Avon gal either, but elf surprised me....I bet Mark will too....loving that eyeshadow palette!! May need to jump on the bandwagon...peer pressure!!

Ashley said...

i've always wondered about Mark makeup! I heart makeup in big, unnatural ways so, this is good to know :)

Erin said...

Love that eye shadow palette!! Hope you are having a great week (:

Natasha xoxo said...

Hello! I’m visiting from Random Wednesday! Cute blog!

Xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

TheTinyHeart said...

Ooh I might check out that tinted moisturizer! I wear that instead of foundation so I'm always looking for good ones.

The Tiny Heart
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Kenya said...

I am going to need to try the tint moisturizer. That sounds like a win win situation to me!