Monday, November 28, 2011

The Countdowns are ON!

I have a couple of countdowns going on right now that I want to share with you! December is always a busy time of the year with holiday parties and events, plus you have to squeeze in shopping and family Christmas time. Our anniversary is December 15th so that usually gets breezed over because it's so close to Christmas - note to self don't make your wedding day this close to Christmas when we finally decide to make it official!

3 WEEKS Until Skye's Graduation from the Police Academy!! We've been going at this stressful academy since July so I am relieved (as I'm sure he is too) to see the end in sight!

13 work days until I get 2 days off - to celebrate Skye's Graduation!

13 work days until mine and Skye's 7 year anniversary! Same day as his Graduation. May he be showered with gifts and love that week! Love his little heart for putting up with me for so long..maybe after the 7 year itch comes getting hitched???

THEN, only 4 days in the following work week because that's the week of Christmas!

We actually attended a sweet little wedding over the weekend. I love weddings! There's so much joy that occurs on a wedding day, it's so contagious. I guess I should say, I love receptions. I've only been to a few actual wedding ceremonies that I enjoyed, the receptions are the fun part. The bride put together the absolute cutest little table gifts too. It was a country style wedding, held in a barn type setting. You've seen the kind where the bridesmaids wear cowboy boots. Complete with Natty Light beer and cornhole! It felt very casual and comfortable. Usually the overdone country theme is not my style, but I really enjoyed and fell in love with this one. So fittingly enough, the table gifts were little horse shoes with a tag attached. I loved that idea of offering good luck with the horse shoes to all your guests. Here's a pic -

I wanted to show you my cute new dress and new sparkly gold eyeshadow that I showcased that evening, but of course I didn't get any full length dress pics and this picture makes me look super pale. Here's a small glimpse of my cute dress and new eyeshadow- I swear it looked better in person!

The bride and groom are both a quiet and reserved pair, so I was pleasantly surprised when their reception was a blast! And I continued the Thanksgiving weekend tradition of stuffing my face as I had 3 pieces of wedding cake! THREE! I'll be visiting my friend, Mr. Gym tonight to work that situation out.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! Mine actually was ideal this year. This might be Skye's last Thanksgiving off for a while so I'm glad we decided to do it our way this year.

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