Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Definition of Stress

How do you define stress?

Over the past year, I've been through a great number trails and tribulations in my life. Stress is a side effect that I am greatly accustomed to. I try not to be a worrier, but I ultimately can't help it. I have said and still strongly feel that these difficult times make me a stronger person. It's a little hard to maintain a positive attitude at times. Today being one of those days.

My dad suffered a heart attack over the weekend. My 48 year old, seemingly healthy, dad is now possibly facing a by-pass surgery right before Christmas. They went in and did a stent to repair the artery that was 100% clogged on Saturday. They did see more blockage, but they were unable to do anything at that time. Now, we wait. In 30 days he has to go back to have another heart cath to see the extent of the remaining blockages and determine if a by-pass will be needed. STRESS! He did get released from the hospital this morning, and they did say that all the blockages were 100% fixable. This is good news, and I was relieved to see him acting like himself and walking around yesterday afternoon.

On top of this terrifying information, I learned that my dad was planning on secretly getting married in 10 days to his fiance - whom my brother and I despise. Now I know that he's a grown man who does not need permission from his kids to get married. I want him to be happy - I do! But this girl - whooowheee she's caused some problems since she came into our lives. (This is a a full story that I will need to get into in a later post and reveal all the crazy antics). Plus, she's 30, which just seems disgusting. My dad has turned into one of THOSE guys, and I hate it. STRESS!

In addition, my car has been in the shop for the past 2 weeks. Of course, they found all kinds of shit wrong with it. I go to pick it up yesterday afternoon - dropped a smooth $3,000 on it (no big deal, just a month before Christmas!) You guessed it...there's more trouble coming! I get it home just to realize that pieces are missing, they didn't change my tires (which they charged me like $600 for), and I now have black dirty finger prints all over my light grey upper interior. Furious does not even begin to describe my feelings at this point. STRESS!

So that's just a weekend size portrait of how my life adds up these days. I think that God wants me to be made into a bodybuilding monster woman with all this added "strength" He's throwing my way. Looking forward to the day when a girl can catch a break around here...

When you say your prayers or send out your good vibes today, keep me and my family in mind. Stress is creeping in and I can feel my body physically rebelling against me. I need a positive spin. I need a vacation from STRESS!

On a side note, let me make it VERY clear that I am beyond thankful that my daddy is alive and healing well on his road to recovery. I didn't mean to take away from the fact that all the prayers and thoughts I've received over the weekend have helped immensely! My dad is a fighter and I know he will make it through this without so much as batting an eyelash.

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