Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Girls Love Fried Pickles

I mean really what girl doesn't love fried pickles?? My wonderful guest blogger today is a fellow Tennessean, and be forewarned that if you are easily offended then you just need to skip right on over this post today. She is perched high atop my daily must read blog roll. If she doesn't make you giggle, then I don't know what's wrong with you! Take it away Dusty!

Hello my fellow Twat Waffles over here at The Pink Growl or in the south we would say "pank". I am Dusty and I pop my squat over at Girls Love Fried Pickles. Yes, another southern delicacy fried up hot only to make your mouth water or if you eat too many then the poops. I prefer my pickles round, but if you want the spears it'll do.  I am thrilled to be here today. Nikki and I live about 3 hours from each other but haven't met yet. That shall all change this fall when I visit her at the Volunteer stomping grounds and then I am probably going to crash her wedding and break out my fabulous electric slide moves. People I got moves you've never seen. I can stripper shake like there's no tomorrow and thrusting my pelvis is just a walk in the park. Aside from me being two seconds away from starring in America's Got Talent. I have this little lifestyle blog. My blog has only one condition. No Rules! You are subject to me talking about how I think thongs should be illegal and my hemorrhoids being the dangling death of me. You can click the links and see what I am talking about if you don't believe me. I dare ya. I also give the best advice on men because I am such an expert at 40 years old. Besides the fact that I am full of useless knowledge, you will probably, well, hopefully get a laugh or two. And if you don't, pretend. You know us southern girls just love pretending with our big hair, fake smiles, and bless your hearts. So, come on over and squat with me, but just remember I don't really squat. We are real girls here, we go to the bathroom in pairs and not outside. I don't need critters all up in my glitter. 
Until then, here's my zip code.....Girls Love Fried Pickles. Love ya (imagine me blowing kisses and pageant waving!)


emenchho said...

haha...definitely just earned a new follower! :)

Whitney Leigh said...

I just love her.

Stephanie said...

Critters all up in my glitter? Whaaaat? Where does she come up with this stuff!?

Anonymous said...

oh my word!! lol i'm going to get blog right now this is hilarious!

Makaila said...

hahahhaa, ohmylord!

"pop a squat" and "thrusting my pelvis is just a walk in the park"

How does she do it!? LOL'ing over here in Oregon!

My-cliffnotes said...

I wanna be her date and crash your wedding too!!

Sierra said...

Haha I freaking love Dusty.

smk053078 said...

This is my girl!!! I fell in love with her the day we met! Woman knows how to keep it real. And she is one that will have your back no matter what!!

Jade Sierra said...

Oh dear. I can't express in words my love for this lady right here. Dusty -- shake whatcha got in them jeans! Grab the wall & shake it like a dog! <--- whoaaa. Did that just happen? Yup. Old school jams right there!

Can I crash your wedding, too?! :)