Monday, August 13, 2012

Living the LA Life

Howdy partnahs! Since I can't be live with you today because I'm laying out on the beach sippin' margs working at the marketing conference in Clearwater, FL - I have lined up an all-star cast of guest bloggers this week. Some you will recognize their names and some are newbies, but I hope that you will show them all love! First up is Ms. Jessica, she's a new Pink Growl sponsor for August but she and I met a couple months back. She's an LA girl so for me coming from po-dunk-town Tennessee that just sounds 50 different shades of exciting.

Hello readers of The Pink Growl! I’m Jessica from “Living the LA Life.”
I’m a engaged gal living in Los Angeles who likes blogging about her coming wedding, juicy sale rack finds, scouting out new places, and eating out. Speaking of engagements and weddings, Nikki and I not only got engaged within days of each other but are also getting married within weeks of one another! Fun stuff, right? I love being apart of the blogging community and being able to make friendships like the one I've made with her. I believe that by documenting my life, I've been able to capture the faces, places, and moments that make life worth living. I am extremely thankful for my many blessings and having this space to write my story.

I've decided to share one of my favorite stories of you, the story of how I got engaged. I hope you enjoy!
The chain of events all began in mid January when Matt took me engagement ring shopping! (Weeeee!) It was a really giddy, awkwardly silly, and utterly romantic experience. Butterflies and bubbles were bustling around in both of our stomach. Afterwards I called my mother and maybe one too many of my girlfriends, but from that day forward it was game on and I was just waiting in the end zone to haul in the game winning pass.
February is traditionally a month filled with romance, and ours was no exception. Every week we went on multiple proposal worthy dates.  Our Valentine’s Day lasted 4 days with flowers, sushi and cupcakes in downtown Pasadena, trips to the theatre, and while he tracked down a darling book I wanted, there was no sight of anything I could fit on my fourth finger. The weekend after we drove up Pacific Coast Highway (the water was beautiful) and into the Hills of Malibu for wine tasting and later ended that evening strolling the shops in Santa Monica… and still nothing! The weekend after that my Mom along with my younger brother and his girlfriend were coming over for a BBQ. The morning of I find out my other brother, Dad, sister and her boyfriend would also be coming. Matt hit the grocery store alone and in the place of the discussed hamburgers and soda came bottles of wine and tri-tip. Matt has meshed with my family since the first time I introduced him, so I figured he must want to prepare a great meal and ask me to marry him in front of my loved ones. They came, they left, and no special questions had been asked. The next day Monday, he asked if I would like to go on a date that Saturday……all I could think was really? Another one of your dates? Silly boy.  The next day, Tuesday he asked if I would like to go on date on Wednesday instead, I said yes.
Wednesday, February 29th sometime around 5:30pm Matt told me before we went out he had a gift for me. The gift was one of those digital frames where you can upload pictures to. In the beginning he was super claim and explained that since I take so many pictures it was a fitting gift. He then opened the box and while assembling it told me he had already uploaded some photos. This is where he lost his cool and started shaking a bit. He had actually up loaded 50 pictures of us starting with the one we took on the first day we met and finishing with one from our date in Malibu. After that last photo the screen read…This picture frame holds virtually an infinite amount of photos…it can hold a life time of memories….I want to spend the rest of my life with you trying to completely fill it. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!
And that is how a Ms. M turns into a Mrs. G!

Thanks for reading and I hope you stop my blog!


emenchho said...

Such a sweet story!

Mallory Castleberry said...

That is adorable. What an awesome proposal.

Page Twenty-Two said...

This proposal story is SOO sweet!! Such a great man you found:)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

What a great story. I love when men are creative. They score lots of kissing points.

Keisha {Young Life and Love} said...!!! This is fabulous!!! I love how he made you wait forever and then completely surprised you!! Congratulations!!

Jessica Jane said...

Thanks for all your sweets comments and to Nikki for letting be write my story!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Love finding fellow SoCal bloggers! Def will check out her blog! I'll miss you this week!