Thursday, July 12, 2012

Humble Pie

I had a totally different post planned for you today, but then last night happened at the ESPY awards and I wanted to share something personal with you.

My homegirl Pat Summitt won the Arthur Ashe Award and I cried like a baby. Even if you aren't an avid UT fan, like myself, you've surely heard the name Pat Summitt. Even if you hate basketball, you've most likely heard of the winningest coach in all of NCAA history. That's my girl, Pat Summitt.

She's a Tennessee girl born and raised, which of course I can relate to. She's a strong female figure breaking records in a man's world. I love me a good female role model and she's one of the best. Luckily, I was born into a culture in my city that just embraces and supports Pat Summitt to no end. She can do no wrong in Knoxville. I'm eternally proud to be a Vol for Life #VFL and we will always back pat #webackpat.

Our city was broken when we learned that Pat would be stepping down as the coach of the Lady Vols this season. It's a huge unknown to think of the program without her. I feel confident that Coach Summitt will make just as big of an impact in her fight against her early onset Alzheimer's as she has in the basketball world.

This video is a little long, it's 13 minutes I think, but it's worth the watch if you have time today. I was moved to tears watching people who love and know Pat talk about her accomplishments and her life. As much as I know about her, I didn't realize she had suffered 6 miscarriages because she was blessed with her son, Tyler. She's definitely a true hero of mine, and I think we can all stand to learn a little more about a women who has empowered generations of young women. I hope it touches you like it did me!



Sarah said...

She's a true class act! Congrats to you and all your UT friends!

JJ said...

I've loved watching her coach Tennessee.I was so sad to hear about her illness and that she was no longer going to coach.
What a wonderful woman.