Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update

I don't like playing this game where the weekend goes by so fast. It's really not a fun game at all.  My weekend was spent on the lake, and my face has the pink tint to prove it today. The weather was just perfect! I tried to enjoy it as much as possible because Skye won't have another one off for a month. I've been so spoiled by our weekend off together over the past 2 months. The good thing about this is, when he's at work  A) we won't spend near as much money over the next month and B) I can dive back into wedding planning. As I told you Friday, we've booked a venue so I hope that it's all really downhill from there. I have lots of details to share with you about our ceremony & reception sites!! However, top of my mind right now is still our upcoming engagement pictures. I'm so stinkin' excited! 21 days!! 7.5  years together and we've never had our pictures professional made! It's a shame!

My dad is in Jamaica this week - he's a rat for not taking me along! - so I'm dog sitting for him. I have been promised the prize of new running shoes when he gets home, so hopefully that will clear up my sore foot while trying to run issue. Which ones do you like better? I think maybe the pink, but I can't decide!

Let's do the obligatory picture weekend recap - via Instagram pics {you can find me there: nikkib918}
The mustache-less man and I

Breakfast made with love on a lazy Sunday morning



Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Weekend - Hello Iover! This week has really kicked my ass and I'm so happy to reunite with you! This is my last weekend off with Skye for a month so I hope we make the best of it {insert sad face here}. Dear hormones/heat that have caused my face to act like it's 13 again - please stop that! It's not cute to have adult acne. Dear baby brother - when you try to get me on #tbt on Instagram, just know that I will always win! Big sis knows best!
Note: I have no idea why it looks like my brother has a silver tooth here because he did not.
Dear Paycheck - I hate to sound ungrateful since you just plopped yourself in my bank account today, but I need more of you! I'm broke already! Dear Tilly - I miss your sweet little fur face today!
Dear Wedding Planning - WE MADE PROGRESS! OUR VENUE IS BOOKED! Praise Jesus I finally made a decision, and a very cost effective one if I do say so myself. (I will share all kinds of details with you soon). Dear UT Football - in 35 short days our love affair will begin again, and I am beyond thrilled to see your beautiful orange face! Can I get a Go Vols? 
Dear healthy food - you and I are on a roll together, let's keep it up because I like your style.

Dear readers - has anyone ever told you that YOU'RE THE BEST?? I cannot tell you enough! I can't believe I'm only FIVE followers away from 300. I don't even think I have 300 friends in real life! haha Y'all make me feel blessed! XOXO


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yummy Summer Drinks {Sponsor Spotlight}

I really can't believe that July is almost over! I still have a few days left though so now is the time to brag about my fabulous July sponsors. I don't know about you guys, but I think I definitely consume more alcohol in the summer. For me, it comes with lazy lake days when I drink beer after beer and don't even think twice of the calories. No matter if you spend you summers on the water or not - we all love a good cocktail. I asked my July girls to tell me their favorite go-to summer drink.

1. Nikki at My Life My Way - Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest  Goodreads

My NEW favorite summer drink is Vodka and club with lemon and lime! YUM!!!! So light and surprisingly refreshing!

2. Taylor at Goings On In Texas - Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram

My favorite cocktail (no matter what the season) is the Colorado Bulldog.
Here is my recipe:
1 shot vodka
1 shot Kahlua® coffee liqueur
  milk or half & half (if you want a richer taste, go for the half & half or you can do 50/50 of the two or just milk for less fat)
1 splash Coca-Cola®
In a shaker mix Vodka, Kahlua. Pour into a glass filled 3/4ths full of ice and add milk to 3/4th full and then add a splash of Coca-Cola. Stir.
 Read more at: Step by Step How to Make a Colorado Bulldog Cocktail

3. Brie at Recipe for a Beautiful LifeFacebook  Twitter  Instagram

 Hi Pink Growl Readers! I'm Brie and I blog over at Recipe for a Beautiful Life. I'm just a normal career-minded, 20-something, Navy wife trying to juggle everything life throws my way.  I’m a total gym rat, wannabe fashionista, wino and food lover. I’m on a quest, not to be obsessive, but to be healthy and happy. I blog about my passion for fitness, my love for all things fashion and beauty, my obsession with sports, and life in general.

I love me a good cocktail, especially in the summer, when Maryland's hot, humid weather leaves me craving something cool and refreshing. Since I have been on a little health kick as of late (I've lost over 20 pounds in the last few months), I am all about the low cal options. Right now, my favorite is Coke Zero with vodka and a fresh lime wedge. It's simple, it's easy, and it's only about 65 calories a pop! Yes please! I hope you'll take a minute to stop by and check out my blog!

Hi! I'm Allyson, and I blog over at Cupcakes and Candy Canes.  I  love pretty much everything about summertime.  To me, there is  nothing better than laying on the beach with a icy Coca-Cola Classic.  This is sort of a cop-out as it's my favorite year-round drink, but I can definitely indulge a little more at the beach!
5. Lauren at Our Hiding Place - Twitter  Facebook 
My favorite summer cocktail is a glass of cold white wine sangria! Nothing like yummy fruit and wine to toast those warm summer nights with!
My favorite summer drink is White Sangria. To make it I combine a bottle sparkling white wine like Vinho Verde, 1 sliced orange, 1 cup of sliced strawberries and 1 ½ cups of Sprite.  Let the sangria chill in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy – drink umbrella optional!
7. Suzanne at The Wineabe -
my fav this summer is a Pinot Grigio. Light, citrusy, chilled, and totally refreshing for a hot summer day {by the pool, or beach, or backyard...}
8. Kelly at Messy.Dirty.Hair -
Hiiiii The Pink Growl readers! Some of you might already know me, but I’m Kelly & I have an OC Fashion & Lifestyle blog called Messy.Dirty.Hair.
BLOG // TWITTER // FACEBOOK My  Favorite Summer Drink would be The Starbucks Refresher Drinks!!! I know that its hard for a lot of us to break out of our normal starbucks drink but I highly recommend trying them. Not only do they have caffeine in them, but they're only 50-80 calories! They seriously are the best & they really do quench your thirst.
9. Sarah at Simply Sarah - Twitter   Pinterest   Bloglovin'   Instagram
I'd have to say my favorite summer cocktail is a tie between a frozen
margarita & a daiquiri. There is nothing like sitting by the pool or laying on the beach 
with a cold drink in your hand. I live a couple hours away from the beach and 
there is this one mexican restaurant that I always stop in before hitting 
the sand. They have the best daiquiris and after just one, you're
good to go for hours if you catch my drift ;) 
And sometimes if you're a baller like me,
you have both :)
frozen deliciousness. 
10. Sami at Sami's Shenanigans - Twitter   Instagram   Facebook

My favorite drink is a Moscow Mule!

Special Shout Out to my other 2 gals who are not featuring in this post (but you can find their pretty faces on my sidebar!) Laura at Fancy This - Her sweet hubby is preparing for deployment she's spending as much time with him as possible! Love to her! And Brie at Sophistifunk - She just got back from a fabulous vacay in South Dakota so she's still playing catch up. Hugs!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Last night I really struggled through my workout. I don't know what made it different than any other workout, but it just felt tough. And while I was trying to get some running in, I hurt the middle of my foot on the treadmill. It felt more like a cramp than an injury. It's still kinda sore today, but not swollen or bruised looking. Possibly could be related to the fact that I really need new running shoes. Anyhow, I just really felt deflated when I left the gym last night. I wanted to cry. But that's silly to cry over a workout right? We all have those days - at work, at the gym, with anything. But today is a new day to get in a great workout. I need this motivation today!
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Gotta get ready for October 6th!
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You can find me on Pinterest here. Here's to faking it until that makes today a better day!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Update

Technically the weekend ended Sunday night, but I had an extended one so I'm just getting back into the swing of a normal work week. Yesterday was the last of a mini series of 3 day weekends that I had planned off to coordinate with Skye's ever changing schedule. I'm sad to see them go! That means going forward I will be working normal 5 day work weeks, and right now that just sounds shitty!

Business first around here today - I am being featured TWICE today! I'm guest posting here for my lovely girl Taylor while she's on vacay in Maine.  Then here Kelly is showing me love  since I'm one of her sponsors for the month of July. Not gonna lie, I feel kinda special today! Thanks to these two for supporting my blog too! They are good friends of mine! :)

Stay tuned Thursday of this week for the post where I show off my July sponsors and we're all talking about our favorite summer drinkys! You won't want to miss it!
Here's my weekend update via Instagram pics - you can always find me hanging around there {nikkib918}!
Spent Friday night pampering myself. Love this Wild Shine pink glitter!

BFF/maid of honor was in town again from NashVegas (not sure what's up with my hair, I realize it kinda looks mullet-ish)

FINALLY tried this! YUMMMMMY! For those of you who commented on Instagram that you can't find it, I live in TN but I found this at WalMart.

Sunday Funday

spent some of yesterday hanging out with my favorite love bug!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday - I'm so happy you're here! This is the first full 5 day work week that I've had in a while and I need a weekend! Dear Weekend - Luckily, you're a 3 day one for me again this time around. Can't wait to meet up with you at our fav spot on the lake xoxo! Dear precious baby Gunner - it's amazing how easy it is to fall in love with a newborn. Even when you poop everytime I hold you.

Dear freezing cold office - if you could please quit making my leg hair grow so fast that would be totally awesome. Dear Channing Tatum - I really don't think that even you can make a cop mustache look good, and trust me that's about as good as it can look! (So glad that I'm not fighting this look anymore with my honey.)
Dear self - you did ok with the workouts this week but not as great with the eating. Let's change that for next week, k? Dear friends - happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

My days are consumed with wedding brain... Our engagement pictures are in 4 weeks and I'm obsessed with looking at engagement portraits online. Every night I search out the best pictures. Here are some of my favorites, among other random tid bits. {You can find me here on Pinterest, if you want to follow along with all the wedding pinning madness.}

I like sweet photos, but nothing too kissy kissy. I like more fun, laughy style pictures. My photographer is Stephanie with Blush Creative Photography. I'm SO excited to work with her and see what we come up with!
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By the way y'all, if you haven't ever heard of Moment Junkie - then you need to check it out! If you love wedding photos then you will adore this site. They capture random shots from weddings that make you laugh out loud or tear up. I love this site! I use it all the time as inspiration for ideas for my wedding photos.