Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Keep it Short & To the Point

I went to get a lovely massage on Saturday morning. It was ahh-mazing. I think every Saturday morning should start with a massage, or a facial or some type of spa treatment. I went home feeling soooo relaxed and sooo stress-free...

You knew there would be a dot-dot-dot

All of a sudden today the evil Ms. Stress has taken up residence in my body ....again and with a vengeance! My daddy has his follow up heart cath today to determine if he would need by-pass surgery. Indeed, he does need it. My precious 48 year old dad will be having a quadruple by-pass next Monday. They expect him to be fine and home by Christmas. They are going to crack open his chest on Monday and he'll be home for Christmas presents by Friday? I'm a little...or a lot...scared. He's my only dad. Even though we've been having our differences lately with his unexpected new relationship status, I can't deny that this makes me want to throw all the bullshit aside. It's so strange to be an adult child worrying about your aging (even though I don't think 48 is really aging) parents. I never thought I would have to deal with a health dilemma this early on in my parents' lives. They're youngsters for God's sake! Alas, here I am- with my dad having major heart surgery next week. Please think of him, pray for him, send good vibes his way - whatever it is you do. I would truly appreciate it.

And then, if that wasn't enough to knock a girl off her rocker, Skye had his final test of the policy academy today. Which means, that graduation is Thursday! I'm beyond thrilled for him, yet so nervous about this new venture in his/our lives. Growing up with a law enforcement family, I feel well prepared on what to expect from a rotating shift schedule. I almost feel like knowing what challenges that lie ahead make me more anxious about it. Of course he will start off on night shift in the "projects area of town" next Sunday. I have no doubts that he will thrive in this new environment and with this type of schedule. He is so excited, so I can't help but feel that energy too. I am so proud of him for this accomplishment, and for carrying on my family's tradition in law enforcement. We will work with this schedule until May because he will still be in training until then. After May, it's official baby and he will be out on his own. Again, think of him, pray for him, send him good vibes in this exciting adventure.

I just want two of the three most important men in my life to be safe, happy and healthy. Thinking deep thoughts like this are enough to stress a girl out! I feel another much needed massage coming on!


Anonymous said...

Those are definitely stressful things ahead! Prayers to you and your daddy. I know docs perform these things on a daily basis, but it's still a major surgery and a scary thing to go through when it's someone so close to you.

The Pink Growl said...

I actually called a friend of mine last night who is a nurse to have her console me on the common frequency of these surgeries. Made me feel a little bit better. Thanks for the prayers!

Steph said...

Hey doll. I know it is scary buttttttt my sister who has tons of health problems survived two open heart surgeries. I will be thinking of you all. Much love.

The Pink Growl said...

Thanks Steph - I think I remember your sister going through this once before, right before you left TN. I hope she's doing okay these days. Love to you and that sweet baby!