Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trending #Awesome

Do you see a trend in this statement? Apparently so! I posted this picture of Neil Patrick Harris on my Facebook probably 2 months ago. I think every single person on my friends like "liked" it.
It's not that there is anything wrong with being single, or dating someone for years before getting married - like myself, or having kids. I aspire to get married and have kids in the next 5 years for sure. It just seems like right now there is an incredibly rapid influx of wedding and baby showers surrounding me. That makes me feel the pressure! One of my good friends told us about 2 weeks ago that she is pregnant with her second child. (It's Cayson's mama for those of you who have followed my blog and seen sweet Cayson on here.) TWO girls I know got engaged over the weekend! I'm drowning in a sea of princess cut diamonds (oh I wish!) and diapers over here!

I don't mean this hateful so I hope that no one takes offense to it. But usually what happens is, my unmarried non-parent friends are on my side about these things. Then, BAM! they up and get engaged and then they pressure me to do the same. What these folks don't get is that Skye and I have an equation right now that works for us. Next week will be our 7 year anniversary of dating (8 years of knowing each other). We aren't the perfect couple and we do fight. But I can honestly say that anyone who's been around us for any length of time knows the love we have for each other. We have seen some friends' marriages come and go already, we have some friends who are now single parents. Rushing to get married and grow up just isn't in the cards for us. People say "when you know, you know". I almost take offense to that -I know that I love him dearly, but I also know that he's not going anywhere anytime soon. I feel a little sorry for people who rush to get married and then spit out a baby within a year. They don't really take the time to get to know each other and just have that important couple time. Again, no offense is meant by this it's just the way I feel right now.

I'm truly happy for the people in my life who are making the big moves and getting what they want! I love being involved in my best friend's weddings and baby planning processes. I can't decide what's the right timing for them, just for myself.

I'm only 27...and down here in God's Country that's old hag status. But at least I'm an awesome old hag!


Liz said...

Ha! I know two people that got engaged in the last week too!

Of course, I'd be the newly pregnant one. ;) But we were married for more than 5 years before we started trying for baby. We took so many trips and had such a great time together, I wouldn't trade that time for the world.

The Pink Growl said...

I've struggled with this "pressure" some in the past year. There are plenty of times that I feel bad because I'm not there yet - or something like that. Plenty of times also that I get baby fever. Luckily, right now I feel content!
And congrats on your new bundle of joy by the way! I've been reading your drafts that you've had saved until you broke the big news. So exciting for you guys!