Monday, December 19, 2011

I Survived Exhaustion With Non-Greasy Hair

The Good: I bought this dry shampoo over the weekend and I'm in love already. A girl like me gets oily hair by the end of each day. Not washing my hair every morning is not an option for me. I've heard rave reviews from my fellow grease heads about this dry shampoo business. They said it beat the old baby powder hair trick. (Which by the way, is effective for soaking up grease but also slightly taints the color of the hair to a grey-ish tint- not attractive for us under 30 year olds.) I am all for fighting the battle against greasy hair! Sometimes a girl needs to get up and go - without going through the hassles of fully getting ready. Like today - when I had to be at the hospital at 4am with my pops for his by-pass surgery. Who in the hell wants to get up and shower and fix your hair at 3:30am? Not me that's who. The dry shampoo really did the trick today. Left my hair with a strange texture, but didn't look to be a drop of grease. I was impressed!

The Bad: This is my 2nd night as a night shift widow, am I'm now referring to it. We had such a wonderful weekend together with his graduation and our anniversary. We even had a REAL date at a fancy Ruth's Chris restaurant - I must say it was impressive for a $125 meal. All day Sunday I found myself dreading that final hour together when I knew he would have to leave. I was worried about him, worried about myself, worried about the next day's surgery. I wanted to seem excited for him, but I did cry when he left. Last night was tough all around. My first night alone while Skye was working night shift AND I'm worrying about dad having surgery the next morning. I maybe got a total of 2 hours of sleep last night. Skye just left for his 2nd night on the job and tonight I'm feeling much more at ease with being alone. Could be that wild hair of exhaustion coming on though, not sure. He was thrilled with the excitement of his first night and was even able to get enough sleep after his shift. I'm so proud of him! And glad he liked his first night! I am beginning to think that a week sleeping alone might not be so bad. I can spread out in ways that I haven't thought about in years!

The Ugly: Dad had his chest cracked open today. As I hope you can gather via context clues that all went well. Or else I probably would have began this post on a more grim note. We arrived at the hospital bright and early - well it wasn't bright, but it sure as hell was early - this morning at 4am. They took him back at 4:30 to prep and do his blood tests. By 11:15am they informed us he was off by-pass and they were finishing up. We were able to visit with him for the first time by 12:30. It was a very long and hectic day - due to lack of sleep, anxiety and of course you can't forget our lovely family drama! It's definitely not easy to see your parent who is usually the one taking care of you, in a very vulnerable position and with tubes plugged in everywhere. It was definitely intense, emotional and at times overwhelming. But the most important thing is that Dad is doing great. The surgeon said that it couldn't have gone better, and he should be out of critical care by tomorrow at lunch. By the time I left his side this evening, he no longer had the breathing tube and was talking to me. He was very alert, but still in pain so they were going to keep him on the good drugs through tonight. Tomorrow after he moves onto a cardiac floor, they will start moving him around every time he eats. If all goes well, he should be home by Friday. Isn't modern medicine amazing? Thank you for all the prayers for my family- trust me when I say they are much appreciated. Dad has a 12 week road to recovery, but I hope it can only go uphill from here.

My motto for today to combat greasy hair, new work schedules and a quadruple by-pass surgery: Tough times don't last, but tough people do. Oddly, that cliche little saying has actually made me feel better.

Next week Skye will be on day shift and Dad will be home! AND IT WILL BE CHRISTMAS!!

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