Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hunger Games

I'm a little slow to jump on The Hunger Games bandwagon. Slowly, but surely I've come around though because I hate being left out! I was ahead of the game with Harry Potter and a little slow to get on board with Twilight. My honey got me The Hunger Games book for Valentine's Day and I started reading it last Thursday. Finished it Saturday. I bought Catching Fire today on my lunch break so I can't wait to read it and see what happens.

About a year ago, I started hearing all the buzz about the books and the fact that they were making a movie for the first book. I read the synopsis of the book and it didn't sound like something I would enjoy so I held off. I saw the trailer for the movie the first time back in November when I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 in theaters. I was a little intrigued by the look of the movie so I decided that at some point. before the movie came out, I would give in and read the book. It's a very short book - like 347 pages- so even if I hated it, it wouldn't be a huge time loss.

Well I'm one book in and I was surprised by how much I was into it. I loved it and it was an easy read. Suzanne Collins does a great job at creating this futuristic fantasy type of world - similar to JK Rowling with Harry Potter.
This might sound stupid - but one of my encouragements to really get going on reading the book was this post by my sweet friend Vanessa about the Hunger Games nail polish coming out. I got so excited when I saw this, and that was the final push of motivation that I needed to get on board with all the excitement.

Team Peeta! :)

So tell me - are you into the Hunger Games series?

Here's one of the trailers for the case you haven't seen it.


Lindsey said...

I haven't joined the bandwagon but I'm thinking about it now!

Julie Marie said...

i have 3 little kids, and havent read in ages, as much as i love to.. so about a month ago i started reading it.. only on chapter 5..but i do love it.. normally i would fly through a book in less than a week.. im so out of sorts.. looking forward to finishing it and seeing the movie for sure!

Cami said...

YES!!! A huge HG fan :) I cannot wait for the movie. I'm so excited :) I just hope it does the book justice!!!

InteriorGroupie said...

I'm on book three! Was also a late adopter, but can't wait to see it in the movie...I'm sure some aspects won't be as good but others may help to explain somethings I oculdn't quite envision!

Taylor said...

I haven't jumped on the bandwagon. I didn't for the Twilight series either. Not sure if I'm into it yet or not. So I'm still sitting on the fence. ;)

Anonymous said...

Team Peeta all the way! Read the second two so we can have a virtual book club!!! I need someone to talk about them with haha! Can't wait for the movie!

Cally said...

I am very much in love with these books, and I cannot wait for the movie to come out- seems like I've been waiting

Also, I'm way too excited for the nail polish collection too. Even if it wasn't connected to the awesome books, there's actually just some amazing colors there.

Dorothy Explor'r said...

OMG..! YES! and i NEVER type in CAPS! ahahah. i'm counting down the days til the 23rd! ahahah.

btw, i'm currently hosting a gift exchange on my blog if you're interested :) the theme is "handmade."

also, there's a giveaway going on too... ending march 7th!