Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Love Story - Part 1

I’ve wanted to tell this story – our love story – for a while, but it’s detailed and I don’t want to overkill on the blog. But it’s an idea that has stuck with me so I feel like it needs to be told. I think I’ve broken it all down into 3 parts that sufficiently cover all the bases. Plus, it’s my story so naturally I think it’s quite romantic how fate works on our side. Disclaimer: If any of this sounds juvenile, that’s probably because it is. We were teenagers and it didn’t take much.
So here you go Part I –

Back story-
Throughout my senior year in high school, I dated a real jerk. Don’t we all fall into this trap at this age? I was a cheerleader and he was on the football and basketball teams and had the most gorgeous green eyes. Obviously, a match made in Heaven. He was seeing another girl when he and I first started talking…and turns out they were more involved than he let on. Red flag! So of course this boy ends up becoming the center of my world for the better portion of the school year – all the while making me look like a jack ass by cheating along the way. Classic. Long story short – I was burned pretty badly by him and afterwards had basically given up faith in the male species.

December 2003-
I had just started a job working at Curves for Women in October 2003. I was in my first semester as a college freshman with a full course load, but I still needed a part time job. A good friend of mine started at Curves and told me they were still looking for people. I got the job easily. High school boyfriend and I were still talking every now and then, but I was making a conscious effort to get away from him because I knew he was trash. This new job + my full school schedule were a perfect opportunity to busy myself. Don’t get me wrong, I was casually seeing 2 other guys who I’d been long time friends with and we were just testing the waters. So it’s not like I was crying my eyes out over the X, while waiting on prince charming. I was actually having a pretty good time being single and just dating.

December 2003 rolls around and my franchise owner at Curves was throwing a Christmas party for the employees. My friend and I show up at the restaurant for the Christmas party and see our boss and our co-workers, but our boss has also brought her family with her – including her super hot son. I know this sounds very cliche, but instantly I was attracted to him. He was totally not “my type” of guy, but I just could not stop thinking about how freaking cute he was! I don’t want to say this for fear of sounding horribly stupid, but it was like love at first sight. And it smacked me in the face…hard. So being the outgoing and playful soul that I am, after our introduction, I speak to him first and comment on the fact that I liked his jacket. He smiles his incredibly sexy smile at me and it strikes up a conversation. We move on to our table for dinner and he sits right across from me. We just clicked and I caught him staring at me all night, even when I was talking to other people. There are so many details that I can fill in for you here, but I won’t bore you. Basically flirting goes on all night long and then it’s time to leave. I was a little nervous about whether he would ask me for my number or if I was misreading the signals. Out in the parking lot, I get in the car with my friend and he gets in the car with his friends after giving me a goodbye hug. As they drove past us to leave, his friend yelled out the window to ask for my number…but alas they were driving off and it was too late. I was a little disappointed, not gonna lie.

My friend and I the night I met Skye. That's him to the left in the pic.

Fast forward 2 days-
I’ve been thinking about him non-stop. His face, his cute little swoopy hair, his smile, his voice – I was a girl obsessed. However, with all the adrenaline came doubts because he’s my boss’s son. He’s younger than me and STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. I cannot be that loser girl that is out of high school but dates someone still in high school. All kinds of scenarios swirled around in my head, but in reality it didn’t matter because he didn’t even ask for my number.

Then 2 days after we initially met, I pick up my phone to see that I have a voicemail from a number that I don’t recognize. The voicemail is from him. How in the hell did he get my number?? Who cares?? I need to call him back. So I call him back to find out that he had gotten my number from his mom’s phone the night we met, but had been unsure whether or not to call since then. Finally he thought the hell with it and gave me a call. Weird that it came from his mom’s phone, but it struck me as sweet. We made plans to hang out with some of his friends that night. I already had a movie date scheduled for earlier in the evening, so my plan was to meet up with him after. Player-ish of me, I know. I'm sure I was feeling quite sassy with my 2 dates in one night.

Anyhow, I met up with him and his friends after I ditched date #1. It was surprisingly fun and easy to hang out with them. They were very much like me and my friends. Again, won’t bore you with the details but on our first “date” I got my first kiss. And this first kiss knocked my socks off. Hello again, to this chemistry that we had! This felt totally different than anything that I had experienced before. It was the hardest and fastest crush I’d ever been hit with.

I was smitten. Little did I realize the roller coaster ride I had ahead of me in dealing with this boy!

To be continued…. STAY TUNED for Part 2!!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet start to a story! So glad that you decided to share. Can't wait for the rest.

Cally said...

Shaping up to be absolutely adorable!!

Ashleigh Day said...

Awe I am loving part one which means I will most absolutely be in love with part 2,3 & 4 also :)