Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Insta{LOVE} Weekend Recap

Long weekends are the best thing this side of a vacation! Skye was off Sunday & Monday so we fully planned to spend time lounging in the sun at the lake. Mother nature had other plans in store for us. Saturday was gorgeous here, unfortunately Skye was working. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading, I finished 50 Shades of Grey and moved on to 50 Shades Darker (I've since finished and moved on to Book 3). I sat in the sun while I read and then cleaned my house. Sucks, but it was much needed! Sunday & Monday was just rainy - ick. Not ideal for working on my tan at all. We did get some sun time on Friday after work at least!
The biggest excitement this weekend came from Tilly's new scalping haircut. We took her to a try out a new groomer and look what happened. Obviously, the groomer decided to veer away from the typical Pomeranian lion cut. I love a pom's hair long, but my girl loves to play outside so I like to keep her hair shorter in the summer. It's just less hot for her and less mess for me. She's still as cute as she can be, but she looks like a Chihuahua instead of a pom!
If you're into my random ass pictures then find me on Instagram {nikkib918}. Here's a look at what happened around here last weekend...
Friday night post-work session, nothing better to wash away the week

Tilly's new look - I hate that she doesn't look like a pom anymore! Luckily, her hair grows back really fast.

Me and my love, and his mustache. I have tried to rebel against it, but obviously it's a losing battle.

Watching a band play Saturday night at Smoky Mountain Brewery - I don't like their beers so I went to my go-to drink - Rum & Diet Coke. Never lets me down.

My favorite koozie - I'm a huge Office fan!

I envy her life
Thank you ALL so much from the bottom of my heart for reading this silly little blog! I'm currently working on a fun way to show off my June sponsors to you, 3 guests posts for some lovely ladies AND I hit 200 followers!! That's so exciting!! I just might need to start thinking about a fun giveaway!! I feel so blessed that you care enough to read! THANK YOU!!



Anonymous said...

I know I said it on Instagram, but Tilly looks adorable!! Rum and diet coke with a few limes is one of my fave summer cocktails! Delicious and low-cal too!!

Have a great week Nikki!

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

Love your pics and tilly is adorable!!! Xoxo

sophistifunk said...

aw, i love reading your blog and i'm so happy that we've become blogging friends :)! and tilly is way too freakin cute with that haircut. i have a papillon and she is supposed to have a longer cut but it would be animal cruelty for me to not keep it short during the summer in az when the weather is between 105-120 degrees daily.

Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my goodness Tilly's new look is so cute! I know she doesnt look like a pom, but she is seriously adorable! xo

Jessica Jane said...

I need that kookie!