Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Things to Love - CMT Awards Edition

Last night Tilly and I rocked out in the living room and had our own personal little CMT Fest. I love me some country music! I actually listen to all kinds of music - rap, rock, pop, bluegrass, country...all of it. But as a good Southern grown girl, I can appreciate the lyrics of a good country song. I'm into the really old style of country like Loretta Lynn and the newest country-rock styles. Not so much the sappy sad love songs. Plus, I just love watching award shows and seeing the outfits and the performances. I haven't done a Thursday Things to Love in a while, so here is my CMT Awards Edition of Thursday Things to Love.

Little black dresses - Seems like all the big names brought out their LBDs last night for the red carpet. Every girl needs one. I sometimes think that people have the perception that country folk can't be sassy/stylish. Exhibit A below: Mrs. Carrie Underwood looking quite sassy in her LBD and those shoes!

Luke Bryan In my humble opinion Luke Bryan is just drop dead swelteringly sexy! Again, I can appreciate the country boy appeal. His smile, his sweet Georgia accent, his sense of humor, his music - I'm basically in love with him. After he performed last night at the CMT Awards, I spent and hour and a half searching online to see where he was touring close to me this summer. My closest results were Columbus, OH & Charlotte, NC. I must work on making this happen! (anyone want to go? Skye doesn't seem to think that watching me drool over my country husband would be a good time!) Sadly, he is married (of course to a gorgeous woman who has given him 2 gorgeous children). So I'm probably out of the running. However, I will never stop loving him from a distance! :)

With his equally beautiful wife, Caroline
A Good Living Room Concert Have you ever just found yourself lost in an awesome music performance? Only to come back to reality to find yourself in your living room with the TV so loud the neighbors are getting a kick of out it? Yep, that was me last night! One thing I love about country music is that these people (for the most part Taylor Swift not included) can really truly sing. I found out last night that some of my favorite country bands, Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town and Jason Aldean will all be coming out with new albums soon. The performances really blew me away.
Have y'all heard Little Big Town's new song - Motorboatin'? Hilarious!

My precious country husband

The Band Perry - who are from Greeneville, TN just about 2 hours away from me

The most badass girls in country music
I was so amped up last night that I couldn't sleep. I was in my car this morning at 7am blasting Pistol Annies & Luke Bryan on the way to work. You should try it, it really makes a great start to the day. Lil Wayne really does the trick in this department too, if you don't fancy country at all.

Did any of you guys watch the CMT Awards last night?? What did you think about the performances or dresses??


Anonymous said...

Miranda Lambert and the girl from Lady Antebellum both look AMAZING! Of course. Ms. Underwood doesn't look too shabby herself!

CALLIE said...

Seriously... Who doesn't Swoonnnn over Luke??? O my goodness... and he is so hyper ha! Precious.

Pontoon is quite possibly my favorite song. What an awesome set they had last night! Hysterical with the fake water and slide.

P.S. So glad that T Swizzle was nowhere to be found..

JJ said...

pretty sure you will have to fight me for Luke. I love, love, love him.

He is pretty much the best looking man in music, any genre.

I TIVO'ed the awards, I can't wait to watch them.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm not a huge country fan but I'm actually bummed I missed this, I feel like country music in general is a lot less snobbish than other music - and therefore their award show looks like tons of fun!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm not a huge country fan but I'm actually bummed I missed this, I feel like country music in general is a lot less snobbish than other music - and therefore their award show looks like tons of fun!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Seriously it's so important to have an LBD in your closet for every woman!


Nicholl Vincent said...

All these folks look so sexyyyy!!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Everyone looked so pretty last night! I loved Luke Bryan's wife - she seems beautiful!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Carrie underwood always looks fabulous!

. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Luke Bryan! Like obsessed. His wife is equally as gorgeous, I agree. I about melted when he played Drunk on You last night.

Pontoon by Little Big Town was also a favorite...I love that song and can never get it out of my head! Summer song perfection.

Found your blog! New follower! :)

Whitney Leigh said...

I'd definitely kiss Luke Bryan on the mouth. and probably Carrie Underwood too.

Jamie said...

I'm a huge country music fan, too! I can't believe I missed the awards. And yes, we all need a LBD in our closets. :)

Vanessa said...

Love CMT and Luke!!! I say come to my town! Charlotte :)

Ashley {A Southern Notion} said...

Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are doing a show together in Charlotte, and the show just happens to land on my birthday. I live in the tri-cities area of Tennessee, but it'd definitely be a worthwhile drive since those two boys are my favorites!!!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Loved Carrie's shoes! Oh, a little 6 Degrees for you. My custom frame making friend, Shea - when I finally got to meet up with her to pick up my gorgeous frame for our living room, we talked for probably two hours in the middle of an Antiques Show in Nashville. Anyway, I found out that she met Luke Bryan's wife, and they have the same frame as me in different colors! Too cool. She has also sold to Sara Evans. Marty Stuart and his wife happened to walk past us at the Antiques show, too. Gotta love Nashville! :)

Tiffany said...

Girl you know I am HEAD OVER HEELS in love with Luke Bryan! Yum

Katie said...

So I've been stalking your blog for about the last 30 min. and I know this post is old, but I had the exact same concert in my living room during the CMT Awards last month. hahah I was singing and dancing right along with my loud tv. Oh and I agree that those country singers can all sing!! (except Taylor..Im not a fan!) :) All I listen to is country music!

Stephen Hutch Baguios said...

Luke Bryan looks good in his Oakley sunglasses.