Monday, October 10, 2011

In All Seriousness

For whoever is wondering...all went well with my "closing" on Friday! Hopefully now I can begin to fully heal emotionally and put the past weird ass year behind me! :) Thanks for the good vibes, I swear they helped!

Tonight I have to go to a work function for Skye's "new" job. We are meeting with the police chaplains tonight to discuss the severity of his job once he gets out on the road. All along throughout this process of him being in the academy, I have been pretty lax about it. Coming from a family of police officers, I felt like I knew the drill. The number one question people ask me is if I'm scared about him being out on his own in the world with crazy people. Knoxville is not often recognized (I don't think) for it's outrageous crime rates, but we do have some bad areas of town. Typically, my answer to this question is no I'm not worried about him at all. Skye is a big guy at 6'4" and I don't think he's ever really had a problem with people doubting his ability to kick their ass, just due to his size. HOWEVER, this event tonight is beginning to make me a little bit worried about my honey in his new profession. I know they are going to go over their little spill about the worst possible scenarios that could have happened. KPD has not had an officer death since 1989, that man in fact was my dad's best friend and someone he went through the academy with. My brother was named after him when he was born a couple months later in 1990. Everytime I've read the newspaper lately, it seems that there has been an officer related shooting. There have been 7 in the past two weeks from what I understand. When my dad was on street patrol, I was too young to realize what type of danger he could be in. My dad graduated his police academy in 1986 so I was 2 at the time. Then he worked his beat for maybe 10 years, until I was in about 6th grade. Since I've been in high school, my dad has been on motors. And he's a boss, so he spends half his day in an office doing paperwork. The only time he works on weekends is football games and 5ks. My parents did an amazing job of shielding us from the possible worries about my dad's job. Now that I'm older, I realize that how heavy the job is. I guess it's all starting to become a little more real for me. Midterms are over and he's only 10 weeks out from graduation in December.

SO proud!!!

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