Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reading Rainbow

Last week I made a little visit to my FAVORITE STORE ON EARTH, McKay's Used Bookstore. 11 books for $50 - can't beat that with a stick! I am totally one of those old school people who likes to read from an actual book. I got a Kindle last year for Christmas, and I didn't take well to it. So I sold it and I'm back at it with the real thing, preferably paperbacks. I have always been an avid reader, even though most of generation tends to shy away from this timeless hobby. I feel a little nerdy when I express my great love for reading because it's not often shared with people my age, but nevertheless I'm hooked and have been for quite some time.My mom shared her love of books with me at an early age, and it stuck. My mom is a big Stephen King and horror/paranormal/mystery genre fan. I also adopted her love of that same style of book, however I am a much bigger wuss than her so I can't handle all the books she reads. My parents say that I was reading at an early age...but I think all parents say that about their kids. I remember absolutely adoring the Berenstain Bears series, the American Girl books, and of course my favorite, R.L. Stine books. Goosebumps was an all-time favorite, but all his books in general. I have always been a history buff too - Civil War in particular. I enjoy reading historical biographies and historical fiction....are you bored yet????

Some of my favorite writers-
Jodi Picoult - One of my all time favorite books, The Pact. I have read almost all of her other books also and they are wonderful! She usually throws a twist in, and features recurring characters, which I dig. She's made it into the main steam fairly recently with My Sister's Keeper - also a fabulous book, if you don't mind a tear jerker.

Nora Roberts - Good ole' Nora! Nora writes 3 styles of books - Romance (GAG), Mystery, and under a pen name JD Robb. I'm not big on the Romance books, so I've only read a few of those series. I have read every single one of Nora's mystery books and I keep coming back for more. They are similar to Lifetime movies in that they are all based on the same predictable premise, but I can't help myself. She's big on trilogies. She has a new series coming out in November that I am excited about! Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy

JK Rowling - Gotta give it up to Ms. Harry Potter herself. I have adored these books, and been a die hard HP fan since about 2002. They are created with such imagination and character that I don't see how anyone can help but get into the story line. Classic.

Kennedy Books- I also have always carried a slight obsession with the Kennedy family. Could be my love of celebrity + history combined. I have read lots of conspiracies, biographies and tell-all books about this family.

Jennifer Weiner - I adore her sense of humor. Her books are hilarious, thoughtful and fun.

Since I've eagerly flown threw most of my favorite author's titles, I need more to feed my urge. Give me some suggestions of books you are reading that you can't tear yourself away from. I am looking to expand my reading repitore and I need YOUR help!

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