Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Fever

Maybe it's my age and my biological clock taking over my body like a ravaging alien, but I have baby fever. Everywhere I look I am surrounded by people around my age who are reproducing like rabbits. Facebook constantly slaps me with engagement pictures, wedding pictures and baby pictures. I'm all for let's all grow up and be mature responsible adults, but when did everyone get SO FAR AHEAD OF ME? If you read this tiny lil' blog o'mine, I'm sure you are starting to see a trend about my fear that I am lagging behind the other women I know. My status in life is nothing to brush off, by any means. I have a wonderful FABULOUS boyfriend of almost 7 years. I could not ask for a more loving and equal partner in my life. We are just starting to get in the grooves of our adult life and things are falling into place for us. Up until this point, we've just been having ourselves a good ole time and not worrying about what the future might hold. Now I feel like I'm playing catch up and I have to wrap speed ahead to my engagement, rush through that joyous time and fly through my wedding to hurry up and (get fat) have a baby. Why is this bothering me so much lately???

We have been spending a lot of time lately with a sweet little 2 (almost 3 year old) named Cayson. One of Skye's best friends in his academy right now is Cayson's dad. So for the last couple of months we've spent some quality time getting to know his classmates and their families. Cayson and his family live the closest to us, so naturally it's easiest for us to spend more time with them. We've developed "family dinner night" which is an on going weekly dinner date with me, Skye, TJ (Cayson's dad), AB (Cayson's mom) and of course Cayson, and occasionally another friend from the academy. Basically the moral of this little story is that he's an absolute doll baby! Not only is he the cutest little blond hair, blue eyed toddler, but he's also quite well behaved. I have heard Skye say quite a few times recently that he would love to have a kid, if it would turn out like Cayson. Which kind of gets my hopes up that maybe we are getting closer to moving down that "adult" path of settling down together. I honestly feel like it's more a matter of when than if. I have no doubts that we will make the move, just when the timing is right for us. We wanted to buy our house first and get settled in there - We've lived there for about 3 years now. We wanted Skye to get through the police academy and be stable with a career vs. just a job - he graduates in December, then faces only 4 mere months of training left before he's out on his own. Spending time with other couples who have kids is pretty new to us. Until now, most of our friends have been single, dating or married - no kids. We've had a pretty strict no kids policy in our lives. In fact, we were down right anti-kid. My best friend has 2 kids, but she lives in Nashville so we do not get to spend time with her and the kids on the regular basis. She moved there when her first kid was 1 and the 2nd kid hadn't even been born yet. She is the last person on Earth you would have ever expected to have kids (sort of like myself), and turns out she's a terrific mom. It makes me oh so proud to see her with the kids and see the mom that she's evolved into.

Having kids in the next couple years...or a terrifying thought. But also, it's kind of neat to picture a mini-me or mini-Skye running around. I know I'm wearing this topic out so I won't post about it again for a little bit, but we spent yesterday with Cayson so of course my heart is fresh with toddler love.

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