Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Things to Love

  • Black Nail Polish! Every year I paint my nails black in honor of Halloween. I know this is weird, but I like it! It's my own little tradition. I occasionally rock black nails at other times during the year, but mainly I keep it strictly for All Hallows Eve.

  • Halloween Weekend also equals the TENNESSEE VS. SOUTH CAROLINA FOOTBALL GAME! Two years ago, during the dreaded Lane Kiffin era, TN surprised everyone in attendance on the SC game with the Black Jerseys. It was such a good hype tool. Well, that was 2 years ago....this year we are in a horrid rebuilding phase. Not sure if the black jerseys will make their appearance this year, but I liked them when they did!

  • Margarita Night Tomorrow!! I am meeting up with my dear friend Lauren tomorrow night for some good old fashioned girl time. I HEART margaritas!
  • HEDGEHOGS! Yes, Like Sonic, but no it's not blue. My friend at work got a hedgehog for a pet and she brought it in last week for us to play with! I can't stop looking at the lil' cutie's picture. She was awesome!
Me and Amelia the hedgehog

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