Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Analyze This

I have a habit of being a worrier and an over analyzer. What can I say? I was blessed to be a Type A girl! As you read here, I’m taking a more pro-active approach to my health in 2012. Part of this stems from family history, and my dad’s recent heart attack really opening my eyes to the dangers that could be. I’ve been making the rounds with the doctors in my life -my annual gyno exam, had a full physical and blood tests done with my regular doctor and now a mammogram.

Today I went for the dreaded mammogram. My ob-gyn does breast exams in the office and I just saw her about 3 weeks ago. However, with my mom having breast cancer in her early 30’s I guess you can never be too safe. I think the “normal” age to start getting mammograms is 40. I am 27. Cue the worrying and getting worked up about nothing. I’m going to go ahead and let you in on a little secret…I’m a huge wuss. I have a very low pain tolerance and I complain A LOT when I’m in pain. It’s pathetic really. I was overly anxious that this mammogram would just be excruciating. I was very happily surprised that it was not painful – maybe slightly uncomfortable, but never painful. The staff at the doctor’s office went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable – they must have seen the look of terror in my eyes. I didn’t really even feel that awkward. And I’m happy to report that everything looked normal at first glance.

I have to say that getting all the positive feedback from my doctor’s visits has been a relief. For the time being, I’m healthy as a horse – in all areas of my body. I was even surprised to find out that one of my cholesterol levels was well above average, in a good way. I would strongly recommend to any of you who have any marks on your family’s history to just go get a check up. We all have someone in our family who has battled cancer, heart disease or other illnesses, maybe even mental illnesses. So it doesn’t hurt to stay on top of these things and take the pro-active approach. Your doctors will love you for it – mine did!

Now I can start getting myself all worked up about my dentist appointment at the end of February. Did you know that going to the dentist is a major fear of mine? I had my first cavity a couple years ago, and I almost had a panic attack when they filled it. One day all this worrying is going to give me an ulcer!


Emily's Going Nuts said...

Funny... I love going to the dentist. I get really excited to have my teeth cleaned every six months. Is that weird, or what?!

Kudos to you for taking a proactive approach to your health. You have very clear reasons to do so. I don't know enough about my own health history, so I also have regular visits with my doctor, OBGYN, and dentist. I like knowing what's going on in this body of mine. It's the only one I have!

Cami said...

I'll be praying for you darling dear!! Remember, you have the power, with your words - to change so much. So start speaking, with your words, how you're you're happy that you you can afford going to these DR appts...etc. I'm proud of you for taking the step :) (And for your're doing so great, girl!)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Danna said...

What a relief that all is well! I'm happy to hear that the mammogram looks good, please let me know the final results. Way to go at being proactive, I think it helps so much.

P.S. I don't know how in the world I wasn't following your blog, I thought that I was but somehow wasn't...I am now though :)

Danna said...

P.S. I tagged you, check it out

That picture of Tilly on your sidebar is too stinkin' cute!

The Pink Growl said...

Thank y'all for the sweet comments. I hope that you will be inspired to get a check up, just to know. Even if you're young and you don't know your complete family history.

Cally said...

I like going to the dentist. Weird I know. I've moved going to the doctor for a check up to the top of the list, inspired by you! Today I called my insurance to find out who my primary care was... I'm so neglectful I didn't even know this. To be fair, they've switched it on me like three times due to people leaving practices. One step at a time.

Deanna @ Little Green Bow said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself and your health! My mom is a breast cancer survivor and so I am also good about self exams and my annual check up. Have not needed to get a mammogram yet though. She also just got results back from the breast cancer gene test and thankfully is not a carrier. So, hurray for positive news!

bmwalsh said...

Great post! It's so important to promote routine doctor visits and early detection.