Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday Things to Love

I know it is not quite Thursday yet...but with 25 minutes to spare I'm gonna go ahead and consider it Thursday.
So, Here are my Thursday Things to Love!

  • A weekend off with Skye! Since he's started working rotating shifts, we've only had about every third weekend off together. It's not as bad as it sounds, but I'm excited about a whole weekend off together. I'm very much looking forward to spending time with him and our friends this weekend, especially because his birthday is Friday!

  • I drank 120 oz of water yesterday! That's 15 - 8 oz glasses! Thanks to my 24 oz straw cup that I use at work, it's much easier to get my water in. My goal each day is at least 96 oz, but typically I end up around 72ish oz.  *Fair warning that if you drink 120 oz of water in a day, you will spend half the day in the bathroom peeing. That may be TMI for y'all but it's very true.* I'm sure my co-workers wonder why I spend so much time in the bathroom, but I'm just trying to get my healthy on.

I have this one and I LOVE it - Go Vols! :)

  • Jarnell Stokes -
He's a new mid-term recruit to UT for basketball. This boy is AMAZING - He's 17-18 years old, from West TN and a baller. He's almost 7 foot tall and wears a size 20 shoe - we needed someone like that to get the momentum back in our game. He's something Vol fans can get excited about!

  • Sephora App on my iPhone - It's so wonderful, easy, FREE and addicting! If you're a girly girl I can promise you'll enjoy it. I spent $56 tonight on 2 items - a Clinique value set and a Sephora eyeshadow set. That qualified me for FREE shipping and 17 sample items. THAT'S RIGHT - SEVENTEEN!
If you're a Sephora Insider - check out this deal, while it lasts! Sephora -14 Free Samples with any order

I'm in LOVE with this Sapphire eyeshadow - not sure where I will wear it, but I will find somewhere!
PS - It's almost FRIDAY- has this week been crazy busy and long, or is it just me?


Emily's Going Nuts said...

I played a diet game with friends that required me to drink 3 liters of water a day.

I told my co-workers I had decided to relocate my desk to the ladies' room.

Lindsey said...

Wow! That is a lot of water, you go girl!

Lance and Stephanie Kneese said...

Great job on the water. I'll have to remember that Sephora App, that's a really good deal!

FourJedis said...

This week has been long.. and I've mentally been one day ahead, which stinks. You know when it's Thursday and you feel like it's Friday, but reality is that you have to work one more day. Not cool. Its fun to see other girl sports fans. I'm a die-hard Clemson fan / alum.

Megan said...

Hi Nikki! Stopping by from SITS. Even though it's been a "short week" (we had Monday off for MLK) it HAS seemed like a long week! The weekend is in sight though!

The Pink Growl said...

Thank you guys for encouragement on the water! Yesterday I managed to make it to 136 oz! :) go me!

And hi to all my new followers - thank you guys for checking me out and supporting me!

Cami said...

YAY for getting to spend all day weekend with him :) Any plans??

Congrats about all the samples - that's exciting! Have you signed up for Birchbox yet? I just did :D

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Lindsey said...

Hey! I get recipe ideas from,, and I have two phone apps that are great: "Food on the Table" and "Healthy Recipes."

Vanessa said...

Hello!!! Found you through #31DBBB. Love your water cup!!! It helps me drink more water if I have a straw!!!!

The Mrs. said...

Hey, I saw you on SITS. I love Sephora. I had no idea they had such a great sample deal out right now! Thanks for the info!

Motherhood Is Messy said...

Great list. I try to do the same thing with my cup with a straw. It helps if you have a cute cup don't you think? Fellow Sits Girl