Thursday, January 12, 2012


Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, then you’ve heard about NFL Broncos player Tim Tebow and his “antics”. This includes “Tebow-ing” which is now a verb, I guess? Basically, he kneels down to pray in this pose demonstrated below.

Let me give you a little back story here…
As you know, I’m from the South – specifically Tennessee. More specifically the SEC and an alumnus of the University of TN. What you may not know – if you aren’t as acquainted with football as I am – is that Tim Tebow was the quarterback for the Florida Gators in his college days. And Florida is one of Tennessee’s mortal rivals. I told you all about my football centric upbringing here. Being raised like a good little UT girl, I would never jump on the band wagon of a former Florida player! Thus, I have never cared about all this Tebow crap in the media. I roll my eyes and move on.

However, Mr. Tebow has managed to become a star player in the NFL this year AND turn himself into a verb with his Tebowing. Apparently this beckons the media hounds and now he’s freaking everywhere. He’s all over ESPN, all over the news, all over the radio, all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds. It’s obnoxious! I can’t avoid him. EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT HIM AND TAKING PICTURES OF THEMSELVES DOING THIS TEBOW POSE. (Granted, I guess I am talking about him now too, but mine is not the most favorable.)

Olympic Skiier Lindsay Vohn Tebowing

There's even a shirt!

Now to be fair, let me say that at least Tebow is a proper role model of sorts. He appears to be a devout Christian and honorable person. When in college, he openly spoke about still being a virgin because he was waiting until he was married to have sex. He spent his spring breaks in Malaysia helping to build houses or in prisons testifying to criminals trying to turn their lives around. He sports bible verses on his under eye patches. When he sported John 3:16 on his eyes, shortly thereafter John 3:16 became one of the most searched terms on Google. I mean, I guess he is in an upright position to openly discuss his religion and promote it. And I think that’s wonderful of him! The last thing our country needs is another drugged up, overly paid NFL player in the news getting away with murder. At least he is setting the right kind of example. I even would go as far as to say that I feel a little bad for him because he’s created this holier than thou image which just begs for people to try and tear him down. Every little thing he does and says will be heavily judged by nay sayers.

But honestly, he’s just a little over rated. I just can’t love him…I don’t even want to try. It has nothing to do with his Christian image – as I said, I think that’s great of him. But I don’t think that people should expect me to jump on his band wagon just because of that image. Yeah he’s a good football player, and yeah he’s a good Christian...HE STILL PLAYED AT FLORIDA PEOPLE! J

Are y’all buying into this whole Tebow deal?


emenchho said...

hahaha...LOVE this post!!! I wholeheartedly agree. I am not a Tebow fan. I didn't like him in college (and I don't even have the SEC thing going for me - I'm a Big 10 alum) and I certainly don't care for him now.

A) He totally ousted my Purdue boy Orton from Denver...then Orton & the Chiefs schooled the Broncos, only to see them still make the wildcard game. (Let's not even mention how they beat my boy Big Ben. Ugh!)

B) I agree that it's nice to see a well-known athlete not be in trouble for once and actually have some morals because there are far too few in that category; however, I feel like it's a WWTD (What Would Tebow Do) instead of a WWJD situation. Frankly, I'm a little tired of it. So overplayed at this point and it's only going to get worse.

Okay, there's my Tebow rant!! hahaha ;)

Jody Collins said...

What I've been saying all year: If you truly support the orange and white, you can never support the blue and orange. Sorry. Just cannot happen.

My pro team is da Bears, and Rex Grossman was their quarterback. No matter how much I ADORE da Bears, cannot support Grossman. No matter what, even when they went to the Super Bowl under him.

Laura Wilson said...

Oh DEFINITELY not a Tebow fan. I'm an Alabama fan, all the way so I JUST CAN'T like someone who played for Florida (but that technically means we should be and your orange haha!)

I am a Christian and I think it's great that he chooses to be so open with his beliefs but it's hard to tell if it's for show. Especially people in such a spotlight. I agree with emenchho, it seems he is bringing focus to himself instead of God (whether that is his goal or not).