Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Better to Hear You With My Dear

I know you have seen the winter trendy hats with the ears on them. I've seen them in animal prints and then some that look like actual animal heads. What do you think about them? I can't decide. I found one at Target that was just precious, but I didn't buy it. There were lots of reasons I didn't buy it. One, Skye was laughing hysterically at me. Two, I think it's cute but maybe just not cute for me. I seem to be latching onto all of these "tween" trends - the hair feathers, the hats with ears and I feel like I'm too old for this crap. I see lots of middle school aged girls in these poplar looks, and apparently I like to embrace my inner 12 year old girl. Would I look like a complete asshole in one of these? Keep in mind, I live in Tennessee - it's about 60 degrees here today so no real need for a furry hat. It would purely have to be in the name of fashion.

This was a lot like the one I saw at Target, with the hand pockets

I would not buy one with a face...

Khloe loves them!


Vanessa said...

Noo! Get one. I've been eyeing a bear one that I love. The idea of a spot to put my hands and ears on my head excites me. :)

Cally said...

I don't really like them on anyone over the age of 10. But I'm less into whimsical things like this in general. I'm not even sure I like it for people under 10..