Monday, January 16, 2012


Here are my random musings for today -

I am thankful for Mr. MLK and his dream today because it got me out of work. I know that's horrible to say, but I don't care because it's truly how I feel.

I've had a pretty relaxing useless weekend, which was fabulous. I've spent lots of time with my pup, Bravo and my couch, and you just can't go wrong with that combination.

I know I'm behind the trend here, but I'm just catching on to the accent nail look. I love it and I'm rocking it this week. Don't mind the outside the lines strokes - I'm horrible at painting my own nails!

I am loving the Real Housewives - Beverly Hills and Atlanta right now. I am beyond thrilled for Orange County to come back on February 7th. Don't judge me - it's better than the Bachelor!

I find myself spending HOURS "window shopping" online these days, but never actually buying anything. Why have I picked up this new habit?? It's annoying!

I went to the doctor for my physical today - see why here. They scheduled my first mammogram for next week - and I am finding myself VERY nervous! Also, I have horrible veins in my arms. They usually try to get blood from my arms a couple times, but end up having to resort to drawing it from the top of my hand. Business as usual today - and they had to go with the top of my hand, and it hurts! Wahhhh! My doctor was very proud of me for being so proactive with my health. I won't get any test results back until next week though.

Tilly got a haircut last week - and I always find myself giggling at her the first couple days after a haircut.
Before - fur ball

Before - crazy ear hair!

After - lion cut
I'm having raging insomnia over the past month. I can't recall a time I've been to bed before midnight in the past 3-4 weeks. Typically, I'm an in bed by 10-10:30 kind of girl. I think Skye's rotating shifts has a lot to do with it, but I better get used to it!

I got an amazing letter in the mail from EdFinancial, my student loan servicer, saying that they lowered my principal amount by $599.00 due to the fact that my account was current and in good standing. WOW - I was so excited! $600 isn't much in the land of student loans, but it would've taken me a couple months to knock that amount down. I guess it does benefit me to pay my bills on time.

My dad is going back to work this week! He has been through so much in the past couple months and I know he's over joyed to finally get out of the house. He is feeling great!

My ass is back on the diet-workout wagon tomorrow. I literally ate a little bit of everything in my house this weekend and I'm feeling mega remorse over it. My weight was up a couple pounds at the doctor today too - which I'm sure has everything to do with bloating, but still it did NOT make me happy. I will NOT be chubby again! I found an 8 week plan to train for a 5k so I'm really looking forward to getting started...(remind me of this statement tomorrow when I'm complaining about how tired I am because once again it's 10 til midnight.)

Well, that's all the little nuggets that I have to offer for today - Happy MLK day to you!


Cami said...

Precious puppy!! :)
I don't think I could rock the nail polish like that - I'd look like a fool. Haha!!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Anonymous said...

I'm a terrible nail painter. And when I DO paint my nails, I pick it all off. I'm classy like that! I still have to specks of glitter leftover from the last time I painted. I best get working on those!

Cally said...

I am a horrible nail painter. I want to do an accent nail but I feel people would ask questions and I'd spend my day explaining it and the whole idea would be ruined.