Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Question Friday/Fur Baby Friday!

I have a special treat today for Fur Baby Friday - it's a VIDEO! My girl Tilly is insanely obsessed with my blow dryer. She runs in the bathroom and gives me the evil eye every day when I'm drying my hair. She snarls her lip at it and whines, and even tries to attack it when I'm blowing her hair dry after a bath. So of course, I have to taunt her! Enjoy this little funny.

1. Will you run to the store or to pick up a kid looking a mess?
I have gone to the grocery store or somewhere like that post workout. Which trust me, can be a mess. However, I hate it when I see people out in their PJs so I would never just roll out of bed and go somewhere. If I must roll out of bed and go somewhere I will change clothes into something more classy than my pajamas.
2. Do you finish a book if it's boring or you don't like it?
I always try to finish it -even if I'm not that into it. I can only think of 1 book off the top of my head that I simply couldn't make it all the way through. It was a sci-fi type of book, and I'm just not into that. I made it over half way but just couldn't maintain my interest after that.
3. Beach or mountain vacations?
Both! I'm unique in that I love a good tropical vacay or a good snowboarding trip to the mountains. Most people I know definitely prefer the beach! If I had to choose though, I think I would end up at the beach also. Nothing better than the sun, the sand and a drink in my hand.
4. What thing/event says "winter will end and spring is right around the corner" to you?
Daylight savings time. Around here, it usually doesn't stay cold past March - there have been exceptions, but typically once we spring forward we are on the path to Spring. Lately, it's been 70's and low humidity so the weather has been absolutely perfect. However, I am afraid that if it's this warm in March then we might just die of heat strokes in August. If you haven't suffered through the staggering humidity of a Southern August then you just don't know what you're missing :)
5. Would you prefer couples or family vacation?
Couples. Maybe this is because I don't have kids right now. Skye likes to vacation in groups with friends so we have never even been on a real vacation alone. I can't wait for our Honeymoon!

Happy Friday loves!


Amanda said...

Okay Tilly couldn't be any more precious!!! I looove the video! I think next Friday I am going to do 5QF!!! Never saw that link up before!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I always try to finish a book no matter what too. There have only been a few times when I've had to give up.

Monica said...

I love mountains and the beach too. It's a huge toss up for me! Happy Friday!

momto8 said...

fun post...always interesting to know more about fellow bloggers!
happy saint Patricks day!!

Cally said...

Oh my god I love how she punches and bites at the air! This is adorable! Mine are terrified of the hair dryer- they run away. Tilly's a fighter!!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Oh, Tilly! She's such a funny little fluff ball! Haha! With her hair blowing in the wind, like that! I agree with the PJ's, too! Last time I did that was when I was in high school. We would go up to the grocery stores at midnight in our PJ pants and stuff and sit and read the magazines. Oh, NSync, how we loved to read about them for free! Haha!

Saturday Sadie said...

Really enjoyed reading your answers to this week's 5QF! I'll swap ya one sticky southern summer for one seventh circle of southwestern summer! =)

Kristin_Texas said...

Tilly is so cute, and I love her name!

I, too, have a pommie. (Lady Isabelle Rosie Cotton). So far, pommies are my favorite breed.