Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Workouts

The past 2 weeks since my engagement have been filled with celebrations. I’ve been making the rounds to show off the ring and talk wedding planning. It all makes me very excited; however this has not exactly been good for my eternal quest to be thinner. I have been eating like a linebacker and have found little time to make it to the gym. I can feel it in my body when I’m eating like shit and not working out. It feels so blah.

I know that some of you guys aren’t from around where I am, but I have recently been obsessed with Krystal’s. I have no idea why – there have been some phases in my life when I would flat our refuse to eat there because the food was so bad for you. Oh how quick I am to forget these things as soon as I see their billboard on my drive to work everyday with the cute little cheeseburgers. (It’s very similar to White Castle if you have one of those near you.) I was nervous to get on the scale this morning and see the damage I had done with my weeks of overly careless eating. Luckily, I haven't gained a pound! I feel all bloated and just full of calories though. Like it’s going to all stick to my ass and catch up to me at any minute.

Starting Monday, I am going to be hopping back on the healthy train. I’ve lost about 6 lbs. since I made my 2012 goals to lose “the final 10 pounds”. However, I have now challenged myself to lose 10 lbs from the point that I’m at this week. I would like to have this 10 lbs shed by the end of May. That will put me full on into summer and lake season so hopefully my bikini body will magically show up! Plus, it never hurts to ramp up the workouts and challenge yourself in the spring. The beautiful weather offers so many exercise options outside of just hitting the gym.
Here are my goals from March 19th until May 31stThat’s 11 weeks so 1 pound a week should not be too difficult at all if I’m doing things the right way.
  • Lose 10 lbs. to reach my goal weight
  • TONE UP MY LEGS AND BUTT FOR BIKINI – this one is a real struggle for me because I am naturally very hippy with shorter, thicker legs. It’s tough to fight genetics!
  • Maintain at least 4 workouts per week – every week – no excuses!!
  • Attempt 5am workouts – I’ve been saying this for at least a year now but if I can manage it then it would make my workouts MUCH easier to get in. Plus, the added energy and early morning workout brings. I would like to attempt this for at least 2 consecutive weeks and see if I can get used to getting up earlier.
  • Go back to counting calories and maintain 1000 calorie per day diet for 11 weeks – increase in daily calories for maintenance after 11 weeks.
  • Drink more water!!
Plus, I am looking into getting a trainer over the next couple of months to workout with. I think this type of commitment would help me stay on track. I have a wedding dress to go shopping for before too long people! Keep me on track!

If I can accomplish these goals then that will put me at a grand total of 43 pounds lost since March 2011. Can you believe that shit???? That’s like a damn toddler!


Crack You Whip said...

I stopped counting calories and exercising over the winter and gained 15lbs. I am so angry with myself. Keep it up, don't backslide like I did!

psychelyn said...

Wow, you're working too hard, you're losing weight fast :)if I were you, I'd do the same...I'll do everything to look my best on my wedding day. Good Luck.

Jen + Jeff said...

The BEST exercise for your tush and back thighs are dead lifts. Have you done them? I just ramped up workouts to include more weight training. Still trying to lose the baby weight (18 mo. later!) Honestly though, 1000 calories is not enough for me and I'm petite!...not to say you aren't. I still have to read the original post:)

Cally said...

If you ever figure out the key to those 5 AM work outs, let me know. I've fallen waaay behind and gained about 5 pounds while trying to lose my last ten. Big bummer. Good luck!!