Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I borrowed this lovely little checklist from Ms. Megan over at Fried Green Pickles. This Saturday will officially put us at the 6 month out countdown! I'm being honest when I say that makes me both overjoyed and terrified at the same time. Here's a little glimpse at where I stand with the planning - I should be finalizing our DJ & caterer this week. Then the only MAJOR thing left is to book our honeymoon and of course all the little details. When I hear the saying "the devil is in the details" I know that's true! All these little details will be the death of me! My face is 50 kinds of broken out and I have PMS...I do not need to be near a hot glue gun during these stressful times.

Set a date – 4/27/13

Book venue – Sequoyah Marina, Norris Lake

Book photographer – Blush Creative Photography

Book band/DJ – finalizing this soon!

Ask bridal party to be in wedding

Book caterer & bar - finalizing

Register - doing hopefully this weekend

Book florist

Brooch Bouquet

Shop for wedding dress

Book rentals

Take engagement pictures

Select bridesmaid dresses - David's Bridal

Make sure bridesmaids dresses have been ordered by the end of October/November

Select groom & groomsmen attire – selected not ordered

Find veil?

Book cake baker

Buy cake knife & server

Order save the dates – done 9/25/12

Send save the dates – in the mail on 10/13/12

Book officiant – Josh Green

Pre-marital counseling

Order guest book – N & S letters for non-traditional Guest Book

Finalize guest list

Find a reasonably priced videographer

Hotel room blocks – check on the condos at Stardust

Calligraphy - DIY!

Engagement announcement in papers

MOB & MOG dress shopping

Find wedding shoes

Bridesmaid shoes - Found, need to order

Find wedding jewelry

Order garter

Book makeup artist & hair stylist

Menu tasting

Take bridal portraits / hair & make up trial

1st dress fitting – late Feb.

2nd (final?) dress fitting

Make ceremony programs/fans

Figure out where we want to do first look

Figure out where I'm getting ready & where Skye is getting ready

Who will set up ceremony chairs? - venue staff

Order invitations

Address invitations

Mail invitations – late Feb/early March

Book rehearsal dinner venue

Book RD caterer

Book RD rentals

Book RD music

Buy RD dress

Order pom poms for send off

Order koozies for favors

Buy bridal party gifts

Bachelorette party - St. Patty's Weekend 3/16/13

Bridal shower

Purchase wedding bands

Create wedding day timeline

Put together picture list for photographer

DIY signs for Sequoyah Rd. and venue

DIY signs for reserved seating & seat yourself

Get marriage license - March

Book transportation from reception to hotel

Book honeymoon - narrowing down options

Get passports made

RD invitations

RD groom's cake

Final vendor payments

Music selections to band and ceremony artist

Book wedding night hotel room

Order thank you notes

Wedding announcement in papers

I had a wonderful meeting with my "wedding coordinator" of sorts last night at our venue. This is what it looked like at filter. I HOPE & PRAY for a gorgeous day for our wedding! It definitely renewed my excitement!

And here is where I'm about to get all emotional on you...
Skye and I are a "good time" couple. We joke a lot, drink party and like to have fun. I think a lot of people don't get to see our sweet side as a couple. Everyone loves Skye - he's very lovable and funny, but not everyone gets to see how sweet he can be to me with a little kiss on my forehead or sitting through Harry Potter movies with me. I want our wedding to be a blast. I want people to say they had the time of their lives at our special day. However, I'm also starting to think that I want to get some emotions involved. I'm not an overly outward emotional person. I found these vows on Pinterest and I cried. This is what I want!
Source: Arianna Dicus via
Now I have the bright idea for us to write our own vows. Originally I did not want to do this because I knew I would cry...but I'm thinking it would add a special emotional touch. I can't tell if it's my hormones pushing me to make this decision or the sane me? Did you write your own vows - why or why not? I need help with this decision!



emenchho said...

You are on top of things, Nikki! :) If someone had told me a few years ago that there would be this awesome gal I called my friend, who I've never met in real life, and we are able to text and email about our wedding planning to help each other through it, I'd have thought they were crazy!

So thankful for blog friends like you!

And now, since I've been on the fence for days about posting my list like yours, I guess I better get to it! ;)

PS - I saw some similar vows on Pinterest and was considering that as well. I feel like I am not capable of putting together something as lovely, but I know Eric could if he wanted to write his own vow.

Sunkissed and Southern said...

You are very prepared and your venue's sunset is great! We didn't write our own vows because there was just too much else going on for me to think about that. The whole day was emotional anyways and we wrote each other cards before so we got our personalized feelings out like that before the wedding.

Nikki said...

I LOVE those vows! That view is to die for and will make for some amazing picutres!

P!nky said...

Awwwwww so precious!

Keep up the great work. I think whatever you write will be awesome for the vows.

callie ;) said...

it's so fun to see how much you've accomplished for your wedding so far! i saw those vows on pinterest before, and i about melted. i would never be able to get through saying mine if i wrote them myself...but i love when other couples do it. :)

where are you having your bachelorette party??

Jordan said...

Our friends who were married in the beginning of October did the traditional vows during the ceremony but gave each other their own personal vows after the ceremony to read while they were alone in their changing rooms. If you're worried about crying, perhaps that'd be the solution while still getting the chance to say what comes from YOUR heart. :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

This is going to be an awesome day! Love you

Courtney M said...

You're list made me feel like a slacker... stop that...

PS- Tell me more about these koozie favors? I used Koozies to ask my girls to be bridesmaids...was thinking about making them as favors too!

lil desiqua said...

Those vows are so sweet! I didn't think I wanted to write my own vows until I went to a few weddings and realized that while yes, I will probably be emotional, I can add some humor too! And I think it's romantic.

That list is super long- good luck getting everything done!

Ashley said...

Mike and I aren't really writing our own vows. Neither one of us is very wordy, and we're introverts so the idea of having to create words and say them in front of a crowd is terrifying!

We do get to sort of build our own ceremony though with the officiant, so that's nice.

TheTinyHeart said...

You'll get everything done in time, I promise!!

We didn't write our own vows. I too was afraid I would sob. Also I felt like that would've been such an intimate moment between the two of us and I'm not sure that's something I wanted all my guests to hear. So we stuck to the vows from the officiant. And I didn't cry :)

The Tiny Heart

Kait said...

That is so sweet! I'm all about writing your own vows! Go for it. Crying is healthy :)

smk053078 said...

Girl, you are well on your way!!! i will be honest...this list stressed me out! LOL. I got married 12 years ago....waaaaaay before Pinterest and all these other extras that go into weddings now. You brides have my upmost respect!! WOW!!! ;)

Stephanie said...

6 MONTHS?! man when did that happen?!
As far as the list ... register for the cake cutter/server or hint to a bridesmaid. Two birds with one stone! I love getting getting either the cake cutter or the toasting flutes for my friends, and getting them engraved, cause they have them forever and always remember I gave it to them :)
And move passports higher on your list. Those can take awhile, better safe then sorry (and don't change your name until after the vacation, seriously, things will be a heck of a lot smoother for you with your maiden name). And not to add another thing... but... Tilly needs wedding attire.

Taylor @ Goings on in Texas said...

We didn't write our own vows. And I am sooo glad we didn't because I could barely get through the repeat after me part! The moment of being married enveloped me as soon as I started walking down the aisle. And saying anything outside of what I was supposed to repeat would've been...well, I wouldn't have made it through!

My-cliffnotes said...

Stealing this list thank you

Rinoplasti said...

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lori said...

you are really crossing things off that list! i am sure your wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous. the location is AWESOME!

Elizabeth said...

That is quite the list you got going, but seems like you're right on track! I just went bridesmaid dress shopping for my friend's wedding in Feb 2013 ! We did David's Bridal also and can't wait to see the final products! =)