Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy Halloweenie!! & TODAY IS MY FRIDAY! I am gearing up for a night of handing out candy to my neighborhood that will be infested with children. Oh yeah and did I mention that I'm leaving at 7:30 am tomorrow morning to road trip to Iowa to visit one of my BFFs?? So I have to pack tonight too. It will be quiet around here for a few days, but no worries I'll be back in action next week.
Here's a Halloween flashback - Skye & I in 2008 as the SNL Spartan Cheerleaders. These costumes were a big hit at the party we went to that year.
Now let's link up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting! You can find me here on Pinterest.

I truly love vests - I need a fur one!
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In honor of Halloween today
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Engagement Pictures - Sneaky Peeky

To all my friends who are braving this crazy Sandy storm - you are in my thoughts & prayers! Stay safe! (If you can even read this because you might be without power).
I have a special little treat for you today! (Really it's a special treat for me, but hopefully you will enjoy it too.) If you have been following The Pink Growl for any length of time now you know that almost 9 weeks ago we had our engagement pictures taken. I have been waiting...not so see these babies. I had to beg and plead with Skye just to have them done. I was probably more excited about these pictures than just about any other detail in wedding planning, thus far. You can see our three original sneak peek photos here. Of those three: I loved one, liked one and thought I looked fat in one. My photographer posted a Sneak Peek engagement album of 20 pictures on Facebook last night, and I'm waiting to get the actual disk from her with 100 pictures. I am on the fence with some of them that she posted, so I'm hoping there are more on the disk that I love. I want to be blown away by them and I want them to bring tears to my eyes. The pictures are the most important thing to me because that's basically all we will have to look back on.
Here's your sneaky peeky of my favs! I will show you more when I get the disc in the mail. What do you think?? Be honest!
{All images are courtesy of Blush Creative Photography}


Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello my little ghouls & goblins! Sorry - just practicing for my trick-or-treaters Wednesday night... We live in a big neighborhood we typically get a ton of little visitors for Halloween. I usually spend about $150 on candy and I sometimes still run out.
I had a great weekend, but didn't take many pictures...oops bad blogger! Friday night we had dinner downtown with some other couples from Skye's squad. I wasn't really feeling well, but it was nice to get out of the house and have fun with people who truly understand what it's like to be a cop's wifey.
Saturday morning I got up bright & early and did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k. Then Skye and I ran around town shopping & we caught a late movie at the dollar movies. We finally saw The Dark Knight Rises, and even though I coughed through the whole movie - yes I was THAT annoying person - I really enjoyed it!
Yesterday, we did lunch with Skye's family for his mom's birthday & dinner with our friends. So as you can see, I had plenty of opportunity for pictures but just didn't take the time to snap any. I blame it on all the snot I STILL have on my brain from being sick.
The only picture I snapped all weekend...hanging out with my favorite little guy, Gunner

Mixing prints with my outfit today - if I looks bad I blame it on the NyQuil I took last night :)
All my friends who are in Sandy's path - I hope you are safe and continue to stay safe! Love!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Sickness - Get the hell outta my body! I've had a sore throat/cough/sniffles for a week now. It's been real but it's time to move on. Dear blog friends - Thank you so much for your kind words this week on my Wedding Wednesday post & the sweet birthday wishes for Ms. Tilly! You guys are the BEST! Dear East TN Weather - Get it together! It's was 81 yesterday and you're telling me the HIGH for Saturday is 57? I like 81 better!

Dear $1 Large Diet Cokes from McDonalds - Thank you for getting me through this week! You have been a lifesaver! Dear Iowa - I am so excited to meet you in one short week! I very much need a break from reality and some girl time with one of my BFFs!
Happy Weekend lovelies!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Puppy Love

Everybody around here knows sweet Tilly! Today is my baby girl's 2nd birthday!
Skye and I were both saying last night that it feels like we've had her for way longer than 2 years. We like to call her our million dollar dog because she has put a hurtin' on mama's wallet since she came around. We've been through a lot with this little lady - sensitive stomach issues, getting attacked by our neighbor's dog and a week long hospital stay, hip dysplasia... we've had our fair share of battles in a short two years.
Before Tilly came along, we had another Pom that died in 2010. I was completely devastated and wasn't sure if I could go the Pom route again. We'd had our previous dog, Roxy, for 4 years and she was my first real pet on my own. I really love Pomeranians! I'd always wanted one and they are such good dogs with unique little personalities. Long story short - Skye found Tillly at a breeder in Nashville and we spent our anniversary in December 2010 driving to get Ms. Tilly!
That was her on the car ride home. We laughed so hard at her little poofy Snooki bangs. Once she pooped in my lap, I knew she was meant to be mine! :) Tilly helped me grieve the loss of Roxy and move on. She eagerly greets me every single day. She never stays mad at me for more than 5 minutes. She loves to cuddle with me.  She has the funniest personality and I wish that you could all meet her! I can't believe how big she is now and how much she's changed. She is my baby and I love her so much! (I seriously have tears writing this silly little post - all you dog lovers out there understand!)
Happy Birthday Tilly!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I borrowed this lovely little checklist from Ms. Megan over at Fried Green Pickles. This Saturday will officially put us at the 6 month out countdown! I'm being honest when I say that makes me both overjoyed and terrified at the same time. Here's a little glimpse at where I stand with the planning - I should be finalizing our DJ & caterer this week. Then the only MAJOR thing left is to book our honeymoon and of course all the little details. When I hear the saying "the devil is in the details" I know that's true! All these little details will be the death of me! My face is 50 kinds of broken out and I have PMS...I do not need to be near a hot glue gun during these stressful times.

Set a date – 4/27/13

Book venue – Sequoyah Marina, Norris Lake

Book photographer – Blush Creative Photography

Book band/DJ – finalizing this soon!

Ask bridal party to be in wedding

Book caterer & bar - finalizing

Register - doing hopefully this weekend

Book florist

Brooch Bouquet

Shop for wedding dress

Book rentals

Take engagement pictures

Select bridesmaid dresses - David's Bridal

Make sure bridesmaids dresses have been ordered by the end of October/November

Select groom & groomsmen attire – selected not ordered

Find veil?

Book cake baker

Buy cake knife & server

Order save the dates – done 9/25/12

Send save the dates – in the mail on 10/13/12

Book officiant – Josh Green

Pre-marital counseling

Order guest book – N & S letters for non-traditional Guest Book

Finalize guest list

Find a reasonably priced videographer

Hotel room blocks – check on the condos at Stardust

Calligraphy - DIY!

Engagement announcement in papers

MOB & MOG dress shopping

Find wedding shoes

Bridesmaid shoes - Found, need to order

Find wedding jewelry

Order garter

Book makeup artist & hair stylist

Menu tasting

Take bridal portraits / hair & make up trial

1st dress fitting – late Feb.

2nd (final?) dress fitting

Make ceremony programs/fans

Figure out where we want to do first look

Figure out where I'm getting ready & where Skye is getting ready

Who will set up ceremony chairs? - venue staff

Order invitations

Address invitations

Mail invitations – late Feb/early March

Book rehearsal dinner venue

Book RD caterer

Book RD rentals

Book RD music

Buy RD dress

Order pom poms for send off

Order koozies for favors

Buy bridal party gifts

Bachelorette party - St. Patty's Weekend 3/16/13

Bridal shower

Purchase wedding bands

Create wedding day timeline

Put together picture list for photographer

DIY signs for Sequoyah Rd. and venue

DIY signs for reserved seating & seat yourself

Get marriage license - March

Book transportation from reception to hotel

Book honeymoon - narrowing down options

Get passports made

RD invitations

RD groom's cake

Final vendor payments

Music selections to band and ceremony artist

Book wedding night hotel room

Order thank you notes

Wedding announcement in papers

I had a wonderful meeting with my "wedding coordinator" of sorts last night at our venue. This is what it looked like at filter. I HOPE & PRAY for a gorgeous day for our wedding! It definitely renewed my excitement!

And here is where I'm about to get all emotional on you...
Skye and I are a "good time" couple. We joke a lot, drink party and like to have fun. I think a lot of people don't get to see our sweet side as a couple. Everyone loves Skye - he's very lovable and funny, but not everyone gets to see how sweet he can be to me with a little kiss on my forehead or sitting through Harry Potter movies with me. I want our wedding to be a blast. I want people to say they had the time of their lives at our special day. However, I'm also starting to think that I want to get some emotions involved. I'm not an overly outward emotional person. I found these vows on Pinterest and I cried. This is what I want!
Source: Arianna Dicus via
Now I have the bright idea for us to write our own vows. Originally I did not want to do this because I knew I would cry...but I'm thinking it would add a special emotional touch. I can't tell if it's my hormones pushing me to make this decision or the sane me? Did you write your own vows - why or why not? I need help with this decision!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Other News...

Everyone on my Facebook and Twitter are buzzing about last night's debate. I've always been a girl with a love for politics. It's just fascinating to me and of course I'm a history buff so they go hand-in-hand. However, the older I get the more that people's hateful political opinions really just turn me off. I don't care who you vote for...I still love you no matter what. But I do care when you try and and shove your one sided half truths down my throat because you "know" you're right. You absolutely have the right to your opinion - more power to you! But it's not fair to be hateful with your comments. So please just lay off the's really not attractive.
So in other news....
Skye has been sucked into The Walking Dead phenomenon. And last night he suckered me into watching 4 episodes with him. We skipped going to the gym together - which we rarely get to do - to watch this show. I didn't get it the lure of the show. I mean all zombie movies/shows seem the same to me. But yep, now I want to know what happens and I'm sure we will add another show to our DVR list. We are only on episode 3 of Season 2 so PLEASE no spoilers.  Are you on the Walking Dead bandwagon yet?


Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update

I know this post is called weekend update, but I don't really have much to update you on. My weekend was pretty boring, but with some much needed rest. Work was crazy last week and led to some long hours. I worked a benefit concert for my boss's band Friday night and didn't get home until 2:30am. So of course during all this, I get sick...again. I hardly ever get sick! And this is the 2nd time I've felt crappy in just a couple of weeks. Just a little cold or something, but it still makes me feel run down. I spent a lot of time Saturday snoozin', reading my new book and watching the boys in orange play from the comfort of my own living room. {And I don't even want to talk about them today because being a Vol fan can be tough sometimes...and this is one of those times.}
We are still getting acquainted with the new MacBook so I haven't actually blogged from it yet, but I do love it! I only took one picture from the weekend and here it is -
Watching The Vols from my living room...sad sad sad game. I'm glad I wasn't there!
My newest obsession - which I learned today will be a movie in Feb 2013

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The G-Word

In my household we have a simple rule about not saying the g-word when it's dark - especially when Nikki has to sleep by herself that night because Skye's on night shift. What's the g-word you ask?? Ghost. I'm a wuss and I would rather be cut into a thousand pieces by an ax murderer than see a ghost. That thought terrifies me. My imagination is a very powerful tool and when provoked she can scare me for days. So usually I don't provoke her. Don't even get me started on my ultimate fear of being possessed by the devil...
Last Sunday night while watching TV I came across Long Island Medium. Everyone knows that I'm a reality TV junkie. I've sampled all the reality shows so I had to give this one a try too. Skye was getting ready for work to leave me for the whole entire night alone  so he kept asking me if I thought it was a good idea to watch this show before he left. I've read the John Edwards book Crossing Over and I wasn't afraid. There was a time in my life that I was quite intrigued by all of this supernatural stuff. Basically this is a show based around a medium. She travels around the country and helps people connect with their loved ones who have since passed on. I was in awe watching her on the show and seeing people's reactions. Could it be fake? Sure, it's TV. But it just felt real to me. She tells them details about their loved ones to assure them it's real that they swear no one else could know. And I wasn't afraid. Have you seen this show??
I would love to take my mom to see the Long Island Medium. My mom has some serious issues from the death of both of her parents and I think that might be the root of a lot of her problems in life. I quickly found out that there is a 2 year waiting list for Theresa's services.
In honor of Halloween this month, let's have ghost chat. Tell me your supernatural stories. I will just be sure not to read them alone in the dark. Do you believe in mediums??

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello my pretty loves! How was everyone's weekend?? Mine was pretty good - minus the fact that my Vols just can't pull off a big win to save their damn lives. We went to a haunted corn maze Friday night and your girl did NOT cry. Maybe I am maturing with my fears in my old age....not!
My MacBook is coming today!!!! Skye and I went to the bookstore on Saturday so he could get a book about how to become a MacBook genius. (Yes, he's a precious little nerd, I know.) That boy does not like to read so when HE suggested that we go to the bookstore I about had a heart attack.
I feel like a big ball of random today so here are some exciting things to look forward to!
MacBook Pro arrives - TODAY!
Hocus Pocus comes on ABC Family Channel - 5 days!
Tilly's Birthday - 10 days!
Trip to Iowa - 17 days!
Wedding - 194 days!
You can find my weekend update pictures on Instagram @ {nikkib918}
My girl has a tutu! It's not her favorite outfit, but she sure does look cute in it.

My glitter pumpkin

My brother's hangover pumpkin

Finished this bad boy last night - Love love love this series! To anybody else who has read these - I have a HUGE crush on Four!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear FFFFFriday - I'm so glad to see your gorgeous face! The colder weather brings long & busy days in my work environment so this week has been a doozy. I need a drank! Dear Vols - You must beat MissState! It's a must win game. Quit breaking the hearts of all the Big Orange Fans and win like we know you can. Dear Dead Computer - you can kiss my booty because my amazing fiance ordered me a MacBookPro last night! It will be here next week! I'm sooooooooooooo excited! This girl will be back in business in no time! Dear Amazing Skye - Thank you for this awesome treat! And thank you for surprising me by taking off work tonight so we can hang out with friends we rarely get to see! You are too good to me! We are going to a haunted corn maze so hopefully I don't pee in my pants.
Dear blog friends- I can't say enough how much I cherish the relationships I've made through blogging. Look what my sweet friend Carley sent me in the mail this week. Totally made my week! She's a doll!
And I got this fabulous little goody in the mail last night from Paige! Check out her etsy shop if you haven't already. I can't wait to use them!
Dear any bloggy friends who live near Iowa City - I'M COMING TO VISIT!! Yes, I'm talking to you Hawkeye & Steph! Mark your calendars because Nov 2 it's gonna go down!
Dear weekend - let's do the damn thang!