Friday, April 13, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!

I am soooooooooo SUPER excited to tell you that very soon I will be unveiling my new blog design by Tori at EyeCandy! My little blog is growing in followers every day - THANK YOU FOR READING! - and I figured that my homemade looking layout just wouldn't cut it anymore. I had half a mind to attempt to re-do it myself, because I do enjoy messing around with the HTML stuff but Lord it would have taken me weeeeeks. I saw that Ms. Tori was getting into the design world and I really like her clean styles. I've been seeing previews and it's just perfect! I hope that you will like the new look of The Pink Growl!

You know what time it is! FBF is like the new TGIF!
Sweet Tilly has been exceptionally cute this week so I'm going to show you 2 pictures of her just doin' her thang. I love this girl! I have not been sleeping AT ALL this week (we are talking maybe a total of 20 hours since last Sunday) and my girl Tilly has been my little stay-awake-sidekick.  Hopefully she will be interested in being my cuddle buddy too since Skye is starting night shift tonight.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (nikkib918) then you may have already seen a sneak peek of these lovely photos.
She absolutely loves to stare outside. I will leave our front door open, and this one will sit for HOURS and stare through the glass storm door.

She is a Pomeranian, and if you don't know anything about poms (or little dogs in general) they are notorious for having the need to be high up. They love to find little perches to post up on. She is on top of a folder up comforter sitting on the couch.
Hope y'all have a Happy Friday & an amazing weekend! I have a lot going on this weekend so I can't wait to fill you in on Monday.


Mrs. Monologues said...

Yay I agree FBF is the new TGIF. Tilly is just so sweet. Dinsmore would like to take her out on a date...he would be a complete gentleman of course. Thank you for linking up!!

cally said...

So cute! Why do little dogs need to perch like that? Small puppy complex?

.Shelly. said...

Awww, Tilly is adorable. I have a little Shih Tzu and he loves sitting as high as he can get too. Little dogs are so much fun!

Makaila said...

I want one of those little pups. She is Darling!

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

Love her! She's precious! Have a great weekend x

Olivia said...

Beautiful dog, so adorable ;-)

I have a chihuahua ;-)

Meg {henninglove} said...

cant wait to see your new blog look as well! your pom is so stinkin' cute, love those photos and she sits on the pillows like her royal highness should just like my female dog, has to be the center of attention and make everyone know she is always present. have a great weekend!!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

can't wait to see you new blog look!! I'm getting one too.!! Hope you have a good weekend!!

Kathryn Neidhardt said...

What a cutie! I love those cute little ears!

MessyDirtyHair said...

aweeee so freaking adorable! im a new follower, lookling forward to seeing the new blog design!

happy friday!

xo Kelly


JG said...

Haha! She's on top of the world :)

sophistifunk said...

she is the absolute cutest!